Who created La Linea?

Who created La Linea?

cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli
La Linea (“The Line”) is an Italian animated series created by the Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli. The series consists of 90 episodes, which were originally broadcast on the Italian channel RAI between 1971 and 1986.

What was La Linea called in South Africa?

Mister Line
LA LINEA, by Osvaldo Cavandoli (aka Cava). LA LINEA, a masterpiece of animation. In Sweden, the character is known as Linus, in Hungary as Meno Mano and in Germany many have come to call him Lui, while to Canadians and South Africans he is known as Mister Line.

What show was Mr Magoo on?

Mister Magoo1960 – 1962
What’s New, Mr. Magoo?1977
Mr. Magoo/TV shows

What did Mr Magoo say?

Mr. Magoo’s catchphrase was “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”

What is La Linea cartoon?

La Linea (“The Line”) is an Italian animated series that depicts the adventures of Mr. Linea, a character who is drawn with a single unbroken line. Created by animator Osvaldo Cavandoli, the series premiered on Italian television in 1972, originally as a single commercial for a housewares company.

What’s the theme of La Linea?

A novel about courage, the power of family, and the pain of separation, La Línea brings to life the opportunity for readers to develop understanding, connection, compassion, and ultimately a more comprehensive understanding of those mata gente who make the attempt to cross the border.

What is la línea?

La Línea is the site of a national military garrison and headquarters of the Spanish commandant at the boundary of Gibraltar.

What is Mr. Magoo’s dog’s name?

Male Mr. Magoo Inspired Dog Names

Votes Name
0 Bowzir Mr. Magoo’s dog, which is really a Siamese cat
0 Wheeler One of two children from The Mr. Magoo show that he babysits
0 Dealer An early and short-lived character of the early 60s; Mr. Magoo used to babysit
0 Tycoon After Tycoon Magoo, Mr. Magoo’s rich uncle

What happens at the end of La Linea?

Fortunately, Elena had hidden half her funds. Miguel decides they will continue north together. They discover Don Clemente is dead and Juanito now runs his business. Miguel and Elena reunite with Javi, who, like them, will hop the local freight train, the mata gente, or people killer, north to the border.

What is the narrator’s full name in La Linea?

Miguel’s life is just beginning. Or so he thinks. Fifteen-year-old Miguel leaves his rancho deep in Mexico to migrate to California across la linea, the border, in a debut novel of life-changing, cliff-hanging moments.

Who is Miguel in La Linea?

Miguel Carlos Octavian Paolo de Cerrantes or how he is called in the book “La Línea“ written by Ann Jaramillo Miguel is one of the protagonist of the story. Miguel is a brave teenage boy who shows the reader how hard live in Mexico is and why many people are trying to cross “La Línea“ to live a better life in the USA.

How do you pronounce La Linea?


  1. lee. – neh. – ah.
  2. li. – ne. – a.
  3. lí – ne. – a.

Is La Linea on Netflix?

La Línea: Shadow of Narco was released on September 9, 2020, on Netflix.

How much did Mr Bean bully sell for?

a Million US dollars
Grand Champion Muscle tones Mr Bean. The Million Dollar Pocket American Bully. He was reportedly sold for a Million US dollars but What the hell makes a dog worth a Million dollars?

What is offensive in Mr. Magoo?

“Mr. Magoo” is rated PG for slapstick violence, vulgar gags (more than you’d expect in a “children’s” movie) and shots of women in skimpy swimsuits.

Who is Juanito in La Linea?

La Linea

Question Answer
Where did Miguel, Chuy, and Lalo go every year on his birthday? To the waterfall
Why did all the young men leave San Jacinto? There was no work
What were Elena’s most precious possessions? her mother’s letters
Who was Juanito? Don Clemente’s nephew

What is the theme of La Linea?

Is La Linea a true story?

La Linea: Shadow of Narco offers a solid balance of staged interviews and fly-on-the-wall footage to draw in true-crime obsessives and the occasional passerby.

What awards did fifty dead men walking win?

On the basis of Canadian involvement in its financing, Fifty Dead Men Walking was nominated for Best Canadian Film at the 30th Genie Awards in 2010. The film won several awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay at the Genie Awards and Best Feature Length Drama at the Leo Awards.

Who sang the soundtrack to fifty dead men walking?

Phoenix23, the Belfast band who recorded three tracks for the soundtrack; “Hit the Ground Running”, “Its a Blast” and “Hurricane” were in attendance. The film went on general release in the UK on 10 April 2009. Roger Ebert gave Fifty Dead Men Walking three out of four stars.

What did Roger Ebert think of fifty dead men walking?

Roger Ebert gave Fifty Dead Men Walking three out of four stars. Empire Magazine awarded the film three out of five stars and praised Sturgess’ performance, although they noted that “some stylistic slip-ups let him down a little.”

Is fifty dead men walking based on a true story?

Fifty Dead Men Walking is a 2008 English-language crime thriller film written and directed by Kari Skogland. It is a loose adaptation of Martin McGartland ‘s 1997 autobiography of the same name.

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