Who is AWWA President?

Who is AWWA President?

Mrs Madhulika Rawat, President #AWWA inaugurated Wellness Centre at New Kabul Lines, Delhi Cantt for families of Junior Commissioned Officers & Other Ranks.

How do I register with AWWA?

Online Registration For general registration questions, assistance or to request a PDF registration form please contact AWWA Customer Service at [email protected] or call 1.800. 926.7337 or 303.794. 7711 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MT.

What is the aim of AWWA?

The aim of the AWWA, Eastern Command is to support and enhance the offical welfare efforts within the army, focusing especially on the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks and retired personnel of the army and also to take active part in the activation of central and state goverments in their efforts …

What is AWWA in Indian Army?

Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) is an Indian non-profit organisation that works for the spouse, children or any dependents of Army personnel. The association was founded in 1966 and aims to rehabilitate war widows and battle casualties.

What is AWWA day?

Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) Day was celebrated on Friday at Nagrota military station here. AWWA came into being on August 23, 2019, when a need of a welfare organization within the Army was felt very strongly after the 1965 Indo -Pak War.

Who started AWWA?

AWWA’s journey to empower the disadvantaged began in 1970 by the will of one woman, Mrs Shakuntala Bhatia. Mrs Bhatia rallied like-minded women in Singapore to start helping the needy, as the wives of British troops, who had been plugging this welfare gap, started leaving in the late 1960s.


Since its inception AWWA has grown in its scope and reach and today it stands proud as one of the largest NGOs in India.

What is Family Welfare in army?

As the same letter points out, “welfare” is the responsibility of the commanding officer and it involves “not only those personnel under the command but also their families, whether residing in station or away at home/forward area family quarters.” In addition, formation commanders are instructed to look into family …

Is Awwa an NGO?

In March 2009, a ruling of the Central Information Commission (CIC) specified that AWWA is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which assists in the welfare of Army families but is not a part of the Indian Army.

What is Family welfare in army?

The aim of the Army Wives Welfare Association therefore is to support and augment the official welfare efforts within the Indian Army, focusing primarily on the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks including those of retired personnel of the Army.

What is Awa army?

The Army Warfighting Assessment (AWA) is the first in a series of Soldier-led assessments that maximizes collective training resources, joint and multinational interoperability, and future force development priorities.

What is the motto of AWWA?

Panag also expressed confidence that AWWA’s motto of ‘Sharing and Caring’ will further motivate members to commit themselves to noble causes.

Is AWWA private or government?

(“AWWA”), a company limited by guarantee in Singapore. AWWA is governed by its Constitution and is a registered charity. It has been an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) since 1 April 2015….ASSOCIATION.

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Auditors Baker Tilly TFW LLP

What is a welfare officer in the Army?

Position Role: The Unit Welfare Officer is responsible to the CO 2 ITB for the provision and coordination of Primary Level welfare support, to Recruits (1200+) and Permanent Staff (320+), in support of the Chain of Command. Responsibilities: Provide advice and guidance on all Welfare matters to the CO and the CoC.

What is welfare in military?

Summary. The Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program is a quality-of-life program that directly supports readiness by providing a variety of community, Soldier, and Family support activities and services.

When was AWWA founded?

On March 29, 1881, in Engineers’ Hall on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., 22 men representing water utilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee founded the American Water Works Association.

Is AWWA under NCSS?

NCSS | e-Services – Social Worker (AWWA School)

Who founded AWWA?

How do I contact Army welfare?

For all Personal Support enquiries and referrals please contact the Intake and Assessment Team (the AWS welfare single point of contact) on: [email protected] or 01904 882053 (civ) / 94777 3053 (mil).

What is family welfare in Army?

How many NGOS are there in Singapore?

There are more than 2,000 charities in Singapore, so it’s alright if you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to begin if you want to volunteer in Singapore.

Why was a AWWA formed?

Answer: ensuring water quality and improving water service to the public. Explanation: In 1961 AWWA founded Water Research Foundation to advance the science of all water to meet the evolving needs of its subscribers and the water sector.

What is SPS in military?

The Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) Branch ensure that the British Army’s people are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice by managing its people, its finances and its information. We are soldiers first, and serve alongside every Unit in the British Army; wherever the Army goes, there we are.

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