Who is Miss New Hampshire?

Who is Miss New Hampshire?

Taylor Fogg, 26, of Newbury, New Hampshire, was crowned Miss New Hampshire USA 2021 live on stage at the Capitol Center for the Performing Arts, Chubb Theatre in Concord, New Hampshire.

Who won Miss Washington 2016?


Year Name Age
2017 Alex Carlson-Helo 22
2016 Kelsey Schmidt 26
Stormy Keffeler 23
2015 McKenzie Novell 23

Which state has won the most Miss Americas?

Number of Miss America winners, by state On the flip side, you could probably guess some of the winningest states by their population. New York and California have produced six Miss Americas each. Pennsylvania and Illinois have each produced five.

What is the difference between Miss USA and Miss New Hampshire?

For the state pageant affiliated with Miss USA, see Miss New Hampshire USA. The Miss New Hampshire is the scholarship program that selects the representative for the state of New Hampshire in the Miss America competition.

Who was crowned Miss New Hampshire USA 2019?

Alexis Chinn of Pembroke was crowned Miss New Hampshire USA 2019 on October 28, 2018 at Hilton Manchester Downtown Hotel in Manchester.

Where is the Miss New Hampshire pageant held?

The competition was moved to Derry in 2003 and is held annually at Pinkerton Academy ‘s Stockbridge Theatre. The Miss New Hampshire scholarship program grants more scholarships than most other states in the Miss America Program.

How much money do Miss New Hampshire contestants get paid?

In 2021, the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Foundation granted $100,000 in scholarships to the 26 contestants who competed after winning their local titles. Prior to the State competition, the NH local programs grant another $80,00-$85,000 a year at the local level.

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