Who is the chief of police in Pocatello Idaho?

Who is the chief of police in Pocatello Idaho?

Chief Roger Schei
Contact the Pocatello Police Department

Police Division Name Phone
Chief of Police Chief Roger Schei 208-234-6113
Deputy Chief of Police Major James McCoy 208-234-6141
Support Services Division Captain Cliff Kelley 208-234-6114
Patrol Division Captain Eric Anderson 208-234-6104

What is Pocatello ID known for?

Pocatello is known for its mountain biking and hiking trails in the Mink Creek Trail System and City Creek Trails, and miles and miles of surrounding National Forest.

What county is Pocatello Idaho?

Bannock County
Bannock County is the sixth-most populous county in Idaho and as of the 2020 census had a population of 87,018. The city of Pocatello is the county seat and largest metropolitan area in the county.

What does Pocatello mean in English?

Princeton’s WordNet. Pocatellonoun. a university town in southeastern Idaho.

What does the word Pocatello mean?

The name “Pocatello” comes from an Indian chief of the Shoshone tribe who granted the railroad a right-of-way through the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. Shoshone and Bannock Indian tribes inhabited southeastern Idaho for hundreds of years before the epic trek by Lewis and Clark across Idaho in 1805.

What percent of Pocatello Idaho is Mormon?

55.4% Latter-day Saint. 16.1% Catholic.

Who founded Pocatello?

Nathaniel Wyeth of Massachusetts
Nathaniel Wyeth of Massachusetts established one of the first permanent settlements at Fort Hall in 1834, which is only a few miles northeast of Pocatello.

Can I anonymously report someone to the police?

Call the confidential hotline on 0800 789 321. Report online to the Met Police. Give information anonymously via CrimeStoppers.

How do I contact the Pocatello Police Department?

208-234-6100 The Pocatello Police Department is dedicated to the mission of community-oriented policing.

What is the city of Pocatello doing?

The City of Pocatello recently awarded IMCO General Construction, Inc. to construct a new Booster Station and Transmission line off of Pocatello Creek Road with funding provided through the Water Department’s capital reserve budget. Read on… The City of Pocatello is continuing its work to remove Russian Olive trees in the City Creek Trail System.

Is the city of Pocatello open on Veterans Day 2019?

Thursday, November 11, City of Pocatello offices will be closed for Veterans Day. Read on… The Pocatello Planning and Development Services Department is taking the “Our Valley | Our Vision” Open House online.

Where can I get my bike fingerprinted in Pocatello?

Fingerprinting services are available by appointment Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call 208-234-6105 to schedule your appointment. Follow the links below to access other police-related resources suggested by the Pocatello Police Department. Bike Index – Help protect your bike against theft by registering it with BikeIndex.org.

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