Who plays Cassandra in Atlantis?

Who plays Cassandra in Atlantis?

Anya Taylor-Joy
Atlantis (TV Series 2013–2015) – Anya Taylor-Joy as Cassandra – IMDb.

Who is Jason in Atlantis BBC?

Jack Donnelly
“You can’t go until you’ve cleaned this place!”

Portrayed by: Jack Donnelly

Does Jason find out pasiphae is his mother?

Pasiphae has ruled Atlantis three times, however only her first reign was official. When Pasiphae is at Jason’s mercy she reveals that she is his mother.

Are Jason and Ariadne related?

Princess now Queen Ariadne (Greek: Ἀριάδνη) is the daughter of King Minos and stepdaughter of Queen Pasiphae and lives in the city of Atlantis….

Gender: Female
Age: 21/22
Family: Minos – Father Pasiphae – Ex-Stepmother Therus – Brother Jason – Stepbrother (Husband)
Significant Other: Jason (Husband)

What happened at the end of Atlantis season 2?

Jason says his goodbyes to Pasiphae and she is brought out to a clearing where Hercules executes her after she says her prayers. Jason and Ariadne plan to return to Atlantis as King and Queen. However, they must trick Cilix so they may kill him since he will never agree to what they are doing.

Who is Jason’s father?

Elias VoorheesJason Voorhees / Father

Elias Voorhees is the husband of Pamela Voorhees, and the father of infamous undead killer, Jason Voorhees, as well as Diana Kimble.

What happened to Jason and Ariadne?

When her engagement to Heptarian was announced a Pankration was announced. Korinna then brought a message to Ariadne from Jason about meeting up at the Temple of Poseidon, but Pasiphae caught on and had Korinna arrested and then forced Ariadne to end things with Jason.

Was Ariadne a goddess?

ARIADNE – Greek Goddess Wife of Dionysus (Roman Libera)

Does Atlantis follows doctor who?

^ “New Fantasy Series Atlantis Follows Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in BBC AMERICA’S Biggest Supernatural Saturday Ever” (Press release). BBC America. 24 October 2013.

Who are the producers of Atlantis?

Announced on 11 February 2013, Atlantis was created to fill the gap left behind by Merlin, a show that was created and produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. This duo, plus Misfits creator Howard Overman, produced Atlantis through their new company Urban Myth Films. Executive producer for BBC Cymru Wales was Bethan Jones.

How many tracks are in Atlantis by Stuart Hancock?

Composed by Stuart Hancock, the album features 30 tracks and 73 minutes of music score, with the final track, entitled ‘Vision of the Future’, incorporating Rob Lane’s original series title theme. Reviewing this soundtrack release in Synchrotones, Pete Simons wrote “Stuart Hancock’s Atlantis is a magnificent work…

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