Who was fastest in F1 qualifying today?

Who was fastest in F1 qualifying today?

Verstappen ended Q1 with the fastest time at 1m32.219s, ahead of Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Sainz, the latter suffering an off at Turn 3 and appearing to impede Esteban Ocon’s Alpine as he rejoined – although stewards later exonerated him.

What time is the F1 highlights on Channel 4 today?

CANADIAN GRAND PRIX HIGHLIGHTS at 11pm This track is a favourite among drivers, its testing turns requiring every ounce of skill and concentration.

How many points is 5th in F1?


Position Pts
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

Who won todays Grand Prix?

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday, after his Ferrari Formula 1 world championship rival Charles Leclerc retired from the lead with an engine failure.

Who is pole in F1?

Pole position Where every driver wants to be on the starting grid. Its background comes from horse racing, and again refers to the fastest-qualifying horse, which would start the race next to the pole of the inside fence. Motor racing adopted the phrase in the 1950s, despite a lack of poles on the starting grid.

Where can I watch F1 highlights?

What TV channel are F1 highlights on? Highlights will be shown on Sky Sports F1 throughout the season.

Who got pole in F1 qualifying today?

Charles Leclerc took pole position with a stunning lap in qualifying for the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as Sergio Perez put himself on the front row in P2. Leclerc set the ultimate benchmark of 1m 41.359s, going over two-tenths faster than Sergio Perez in a nailbiting Q3 session.

What does P stand for in F1?

P In Qualifying In qualifying, P means the driver’s position through the sessions, which ultimately determines the grid positions for the start of the actual Grand Prix race.

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