Can Klingons mate with humans?

Can Klingons mate with humans?

Klingons are known to have sexual relations with humans, with the character B’Elanna Torres being an example of a Klingon-human hybrid; Torres’ mother is a Klingon.

Can Vulcans and humans have children?

And that Vulcans and Humans wishing to procreate would simply need to see their doctor in order to have success. This is in contrast to the memory-alpha article on Hybrids, which claims many species are able to interbreed with or without the help of genetic technology. In fact, Humans and Vulcans are quite similar.

How many lung Klingons have?

In the 1992 Next Generation episode “Ethics,” Worf had to undergo serious surgery, and it was established that Klingons have backup organs for pretty much everything. This means the idea that they have two livers, four lungs, and two of other things was already canon way before Discovery got going.

How old do Klingons live?

No exact lifespan has been given for Klingons, just approximates. In 2370, Odo observed that Kor “must be a hundred years old” and his “best friend,” Koloth, was “probably a hundred and fifty years old.” This observation was made over 100 years after their encounter with James Kirk.

Can humans and Vulcans breed?

Vulcans not only are able to mate outside pon farr, they are also able to mate with species other than Vulcan: e.g., in Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock’s parents are human/vulcan couple; in Star Trek: Enterprise, T’pol, a Vulcan, has a romantic and sexual relationship with Trip, a human; and, in the Star Trek …

What color is Klingon Blood?

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Klingon blood was portrayed as pink and lavender, while in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine it was red.

What was the relationship between the Klingons and the Federation like?

The Klingons’ relationship with Humans and the Federation was rocky at best. Following the disastrous first contact between Klingons and Humans in the Broken Bow Incident, tense rivalries and unavoidable conflicts often developed between the two races.

How similar are Klingons to modern humans?

These Klingons lost their cranial ridge features, and were in essence, remarkably similar in appearance to modern Humans. ( ENT: ” Affliction “, et al.)

What are the levels of Klingon certification?

Klingon Language Certification Program Level I: Hol patlh taghwI’, “Beginner” Level II: Hol patlh ghojwI’, “Intermediate” Level III: Hol patlh po’wI’, “Advanced” Level IV: Hol patlh pab pIn, “Grammarian” KLI Press About Us History Join Members Info in Other Languages Affiliates Resources qep’a’mey Canon jatmey HolQeD Index of HolQeD

Would a Klingon make a good ship’s counselor?

In 2367, Lt. Cmdr. Hobson of the USS Sutherland remarked that no one would ever suggest a Klingon to be a good ship’s counselor, as he considered them unsuited for such a position. In 2374, Klingon General Martok preferred to be treated by the Human Dr. Bashir, opining that “Klingons make great warriors but terrible doctors.”

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