How are feeder mice frozen?

How are feeder mice frozen?

Feeder mice are quickly and humanely euthanized; individually flash frozen with legs and tail tucked neatly under, then individually weighed and sorted into re-sealable frozen food bags and promptly shipped to your door. A healthy food source that’s high in nutritional value and robust in size.

How long can you keep feeder mice frozen?

12 months
How long will the rodents last in my freezer? We ship all our rodents in thick, resealable plastic freezer bags for your convenience. These are sealed with very little air in them to prevent freezer burn. By carefully tightly resealing the freezer bags after each use, the rodents should keep for 12 months or longer.

How long do frozen thawed rodents last?

Registered. I’d go with about 6 months, ideally sooner as above. The few things I’ve defrosted after 6 months have been rather squishy and not as good as what Id expect from a few months frozen…but they were an iffy batch from the start so could just of been that.

How much do frozen rodents cost?


HOPPER 50 $0.69
SALE ADULT 25 $1.09 $0.99

Do frozen mice come back to life?

But in a major breakthrough, Japanese scientists, from the Centre for Developmental Biology in Kobe have resurrected mice who had been kept at minus 20C (-68F). They thawed them out before removing cells from their brain tissue as well as their stem cells and injected them into empty eggs.

How do you thaw frozen feeder mice?

Thawing Mice and Rats in a Refrigerator The USDA uses 8-10 hours per 1 pound of meat as a general guideline; a mouse can be expected to thaw in 2 hours, a rat in 4-5 hours. Fail safe rule: place frozen rodents in a refrigerator for overnight thawing and use them the following day.

Does Petco sell feeder rats?

We carry several feeder mice sizes, from tiny pinkie mice to large mice, while feeder rat sizes range from small to jumbo.

How are frozen thawed mice killed?

Basically, freezing causes blood vessels/etc in the sinuses to rupture. When they thaw out, any blood that thaws in broken vessels will leak out. If they are then refrozen you may well see bloody noses on frozen rats, no matter how they were killed.

How long should I thaw frozen mice?

The USDA uses 8-10 hours per 1 pound of meat as a general guideline; a mouse can be expected to thaw in 2 hours, a rat in 4-5 hours. Fail safe rule: place frozen rodents in a refrigerator for overnight thawing and use them the following day.

Can I refreeze a rat if my snake doesn’t eat it?

The problem is, that to get a lot of snakes to feed, then the mice/rats have to be warmed to at least room temperature. Often they are left in the snakes enclosure overnight where it is warm. Personally, I wouldn’t refreeze them and use them again, unless as you say, they’ve been in the fridge all the time.

Do frozen mice carry diseases?

Frozen or live rodents used for pet food, also called feeder rodents, can carry germs that can make people sick.

How long can you leave a dead mouse in a snake tank?

The longer the prey item is left with the snake, the more desensitized the snake becomes to the prey item. Rule of thumb: Don’t leave live prey with an unattended snake for more than 15 minutes at a time.

How many times can you freeze a rat?

Usually you can get away with refreezing once. If the rat is at or above room temperature for too long though you should get rid of it. We just had this conversation. I personally wouldn’t refreeze anything, but I know that people have done it once.

Is it OK to keep a feeder rat as a pet?

However, in the USA, feeder rats are a fairly common sight in a lot of pet shops. They are often sold in various sizes from ‘pinkies’ to ‘jumbos’, who are fully grown adult rats. As feeders are not viewed as a viable pet by most shops, they are often not kept in good conditions.

Can I adopt a feeder rat?

Adopting a feeder rat is a way of giving the particular rat a better life. This might even prove to form a stronger bond between you and your rat. It is very much alike to adopting a stray dog – you offer a happier life filled with love, and your pet will adore you for it!

Why choose frozen rodent feeders?

Our frozen rodents and other frozen feeders are raised in state-of-the-art, carefully controlled production facilities and fed a scientifically designed high-quality diet, which produces the premium nutrition food items you expect for your animals.

Where can I buy a frozen feeder mouse?

Whether you require frozen feeder mice, feeder rats, frozen feeder rabbits, frozen guinea pigs, frozen feeder hamsters, frozen feeder gerbils or even frozen chickens or frozen quail, you will find the frozen feeders you need at

What kind of Feeders do rodentpro sell?

At, we produce and distribute all sizes and types of frozen feeders, including frozen mice , frozen rats , frozen rabbits , frozen guinea pigs, frozen hamsters, frozen gerbils , frozen chickens and frozen quail , as well as a complete line of feeding supplies .

How do you defrost a frozen rodent?

What you want to do is sit your frozen rodent in a bowl of warm water. You can place them directly into the water or keep them in a ziplock bag and place that into the water. Using a ziplock bag will keep you from having to pat the rodent dry afterward.

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