How can I know my BSNL plan details?

How can I know my BSNL plan details?

Users can simply dial the below-mentioned USSD codes to know the BSNL active prepaid plan.

  1. *102#
  2. *124*8#
  3. *124*5#

What is BSNL tariff plan?

Other Main Services

Plan Details: PV 107 FRC 249
Applicability 2G & 3G & 4G
Voice Call Charges Rs./ Min Rs./ Min
Pulse rate (Seconds) 60 Sec 60 Sec
Local Mobile^^ On-net 1.00 1.00

How can I check my BSNL 2022 offer?

2. What is the code to check offers in BSNL? The BSNL offer check code 2022 is *444#.

What is BSNL PV 197 plan?

The condition with BSNL’ s Rs 197 prepaid recharge plan is that users will only get 2GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls for the first 18 days of the recharge. Post the first 18 days, the data speed will decrease to 40Kbps for the remaining days of validity.

How can I check my BSNL validity?

Tap and open the dialer of your smartphone. Now, dial *123# to check your BSNL offered telecom service balance information. You can also use the alternative *124*1# code to check your balance information. Now, you will be able to receive a message which shows the balance.

How can I change my BSNL prepaid plan?

Revised BSNL prepaid recharge plans

Users can get the revised BSNL recharge plans by sending an SMS to 123 from their phone. Alternatively, the revised plans are available through recharge portals and other channels, You can also get them through the My BSNL app or the BSNL site.

What is BSNL cheapest plan?

Rs 97 BSNL recharge plan
This is the most affordable prepaid pack for BSNL users. The tariff has a validity of 18 days. As for the benefits, you get unlimited voice calls to all networks across the country, a quota of 2GB data per day, and Lokdhun content.

Which BSNL plan is best for 3 months?

Best 4G Unlimited Plans for 3 Months to 1 Year:

  • ₹499 for 90 Days (2GB/Day)
  • ₹599 for 84 Days (5GB/Day)
  • ₹666 for 120 Days (2GB/Day)
  • ₹699 for 180 Days (500MB/Day)
  • ₹997 for 180 Days (3GB/Day)
  • ₹1999 for 365 Days (500GB)
  • ₹2399 for 455 Days (3GB/Day)

What is BSNL 365 day plan?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched a new Rs 321 plan for its prepaid users. The highlight of this plan is it has a validity of one year or 365 days. That means users can keep the SIM active for the entire year with this plan.

What is BSNL 106 validity plan?

Moving on, the Rs 106 prepaid plan comes with a validity of 84 days. The pack offers 3GB of free data for the entire period of validity. Furthermore, customers also get 100 minutes of voice calls on any network including national roaming. It also offers free PRBT tunes for 60 days.

What is STV 198 in BSNL?

BSNL offers Rs 198 plan which gives 2GB daily data with 50 days validity. After 2GB daily data is exhausted, the speed is reduced to 40 Kbps. The telco offer work from home plans priced at Rs 151 and Rs 251 which offer 40GB and 70GB data along with access to Zing.

What is main balance in BSNL?

BSNL main balance check
Dial *123# from your BSNL number to know the main balance of your account. The USSD code reverts a text message that will give you your BSNL balance information. You may also dial *112#. This will provide options from 1 to 6 to check internet data balance, SMS balance, and more.

How can I extend my BSNL validity?

How can I extend the validity of my BSNL plan?

  1. Validity Extension through SMS using your main balance. Send PV<amount> to 53733 or 123.
  2. By Automatic Extension Of Validity.
  3. By Coupon Recharge/Electronic recharge.
  4. Through online Bsnl Portal.

Which BSNL plan is best for 365 days?

Which is best prepaid BSNL plan?

Best BSNL Recharge Plans with Data and Unlimited Calling Benefits

  • Rs 94 Validity Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 106 Validity Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 107 Validity Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 98 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 247 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 429 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 447 BSNL Recharge Plan.
  • Rs 1,999 BSNL Recharge Plan.

Which BSNL plan is best for 1 month?

Rs 228 BSNL Recharge Plan
The prepaid plan from BSNL comes loaded with a validity of 1 month. The pack offers unlimited voice calls and local, STD, and national roaming. The plan also provides 2GB of data per day and 100 SMS/day.

Which BSNL plan is best for 1 year?

BSNL Recharge Plans Summary: September 2022

Recharge Plans Price Valid for
MKSNEW_1551 Pack ₹ 1551 1 year
2 GB / Day Combo Unlimited Data Pack: 3G ₹ 1570 1 year
PatanjaliBSN_1859 Pack ₹ 1859 1 year
PV (Prepaid Voucher): ₹ 1999 ₹ 1999 1 year

Is BSNL 397 plan good?

This plan of Rs 397 offers 2GB daily high-speed data, and 100 free SMS per day, but you can take advantage of it for 60 days. You can do unlimited browsing with 40kbps speed even after the daily data quota is exhausted.

What is BSNL 365 plan validity?

The BSNL recharge pack that offered 365 days on a recharge of ₹2,399 now provides 425 days of validity. It also offers unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day.

What is 151 plan for BSNL?

BSNL data plan offers you up to 3G speeds with packs starting at just Rs. 16!

BSNL Work From Home Plan List.

WFH Data STV Rs. 151 28 Days 40GB Total Data, Free Zing Subscription
WFH Data STV Rs. 251 28 Days 70GB Total Data, Free Zing Subscription

What BSNL 99 recharge?

In the Rs 99 plan, BSNL was offering the validity of 22 days with unlimited voice calling. Now, the same plan offers 18 days of validity with unlimited voice calling. Hence, the per-day cost of the plan has upgraded from Rs 4.5 to Rs 5.5, which is a jump of Rs 1 per day.

How can I activate BSNL 97 plan?

USSD: *444*998#
It means, these STVs can be activated by all existing as well as new BSNL prepaid mobile customers irrespective of their base tariff plan.

What is 365 recharge in BSNL?

The BSNL recharge pack that offered 365 days on a recharge of ₹2,399 now provides 425 days of validity. It also offers unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. The ₹2,399 prepaid recharge pack gets you 2GB data per day.

What is validity of 365 plan IN BSNL?

What is validity of 365 plan in BSNL?

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