How do I combine fills in ArchiCAD?

How do I combine fills in ArchiCAD?

You can use the consolidate fill command, however, I typically just select one of the fills, set the fill tool active, magic wand the other fill, then delete the second fill once the first has expanded to match the second.

How do I merge slabs in ArchiCAD?

Select one Slab, click on its edge to get the Pet Palette, select the Add to Polygon option, hold down the Space Bar to get the Magic Wand, click on the edge of the other Slab, select and delete the other Slab.

How do I copy an ArchiCAD model?

You can, simply just marquee around the content you want, in Perspective OR Axonometry, Copy (Ctrl+C), and there you go! Simple paste using Ctrl+V onto a floorplan, section, worksheet, or any other 2d view.

How do I explode a PDF in ArchiCAD?

Simply drop the PDF onto any ArchiCAD 18 window, right click and select “Explode into Current View”. The ArchiCAD default short cut for this is command + =, or the function is available from the edit > reshape drop down.

How do I convert PDF to PLN?

take a PDF, drop it into a “new” template PLN file for example. Select the PDF. then go to “edit”>reshape>explode into current view……and watch. Amazing!

What is graphic override in ArchiCAD?

Graphic overrides – Archicad Tutorial Without having to necessarily go into the objects or the element attributes and make adjustments there. So it’s a very powerful feature, and let’s dive into it. So if we go up to Document, and we go to Graphic Overrides and you can see there is a few that are here.

How do I copy and paste elements in ArchiCAD?

How do you copy multiple objects in ArchiCAD?

To Drag Multiple Copies of an element, select it and activate the Drag command Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (Mac) then use the multiple copy shortcut key; Ctrl + Alt (PC) or Command + Alt (Mac).

How do I add mesh points in ArchiCAD?

To add a spot height to a mesh; have the mesh selected, AND the mesh tool selected in the ToolBox, set the Geometry Method to Polygonal, then simply double-click on the mesh, in the new dialog select your Mesh Point type. Now you can select the point and set its ‘Z’ height from the Pet Palette.

How do you add points to a mesh in ArchiCAD?

How explode fill in ArchiCAD?

Explode into Current View. Choosing Edit > Reshape > Explode into Current View will turn selected elements (Floor Plan and other 2D windows only) into 2D drawing primitives (Lines without arrowheads, Circles, Arcs, Elliptic arcs, Splines, unframed Fills, single-line Texts).

Can you edit PDF in ArchiCAD?

Editing tools. If you would like the placed PDF to automatically update or if you wish to change the path of the inserted file at any time, you don’t need to delete the image and reinsert. Simply select the inserted PDF and go to the Edit Selection Settings tool.

Can you import a PDF into ArchiCAD?

You can also place PDFs into ARCHICAD 2D windows through drag-and-drop. In the case of multi-page PDFs, the dialog box that prompts you to choose a page will also appear. A PDF file placed on the Layout, like any other item, becomes a Drawing. The Drawing name consists of the PDF file name.

How do I turn off shadows in archicad?

If you want to activate or deactivate the Sun Shadows in Elevation, just right-click the View or Elevation in the Navigator.

What is vectorial hatching?

Vector Hatch is one of 4 methods provided for filling a graphic. These patterns are constructed with repeating patterns of lines and dashed lines that are clipped to the interior of a graphic. They may be combined with a solid color or multi-color gradient.

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