How do I connect OpenGL to Visual Studio?

How do I connect OpenGL to Visual Studio?

In Visual Studio, right-click on your project, and select “Open Folder in File Explorer…”. A folder will appear that contains the files for your project. Drag the openGL files from the folder you created in step 1, into this folder.

How do I add OpenGL to Visual Studio 2017?


  1. Download GLUT header, lib, and dll files from OpenGL. ( Mentioned on this page)
  2. Paste glut.
  3. Paste glut.
  4. Paste glut.
  5. Open your Windows Console Application project in Visual Studio , or create a new one:
  6. Go to Project > Properties .
  7. That’s it.

Can I use OpenGL in VSCode?

To run OpenGL with VSCode we would need couple of things to setup, but if you want to skip through the whole setup, you can just head over to the end of this article and get the repo, clone it and get started. Else, just hear me out, how did I manage to pull it through.

How do I add a glut library to Visual Studio?

  1. Under Visual C++, select Empty Project(or your already existing project)
  2. Go to Project -> Properties. Select ‘All Configuration’ from Configuration dropdown menu on top left corner.
  3. Select Linker -> Input.
  4. Now right click on “Additional Dependence” found on Right panel and click Edit.

How do I add external dependencies in Visual Studio?

Just right click on your project and select properties. There you will get another set of options under ‘Configuration Properties’ . Go to C/C++ and under that -> General -> Additional Include Directories ( where all the header files of third party is there ).

Can a DLL be statically linked?

You can’t statically link a DLL, only a LIB. DLLs are self contained and have static members and DllMain load/unload dependencies that means they cannot be split into containing functions and linked into a different executable. You should create an installer that deploys all the appropriate dlls, as needed.

What is the best free version of Visual Studio?

Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition. This edition of visual studio is geared towards students, individuals and small organizations. However just as explained above, its very much a professional tool.

How to set up OpenGL?

Visual C++Express 2010: Read ” How to install Visual C++Express “.

  • Windows SDK which includes OpenGL and GLU (OpenGL Utility).
  • GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit): Download Nate Robin’s original Win32 port of GLUT from@ (or freeglut@ ).
  • How to enable OpenGL Windows 10 Nvidia?

    Release Driver Downloads

  • Developer Beta Driver Downloads. Windows driver version 426.02 and Linux driver version 418.52.18 provide new features for OpenGL developers to test their upcoming OpenGL applications.
  • OpenGL Beta Release Notes. The OpenGL 4.6 specifications can be downloaded from
  • Turing Extensions for OpenGL.
  • How to setup OpenGL Project with CMake?

    Source files and libraries. Now we will create two CMake variables to hold*.c/*.cpp and*.h/*.hpp source files.

  • Resources.
  • Executable.
  • External libraries.
  • Visual Studio filters (folders) All of the above steps create the valid CMake script that will create a valid Visual Studio project.
  • Auto-copy DLLs.
  • Build the Sample project.
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