How do you beat a jet Stingray?

How do you beat a jet Stingray?

Double jump when Stingray approaches, and then use Hyouretsuzan. One method that can reliably freeze Stingray is to stick to the wall behind him and use Hyouretsuzan once he descends to use his jet turbine, however this can only be used once he is below 50% of his health.

How to beat final boss mega man X4?

A good strategy against him is to stay close to a wall to avoid his attacks and make the scythe hit the wall. When Sigma prepares to use his Laser Eye, dash jump to the wall behind him and attack him from the wall while he is using the attack.

How to beat colonel megaman X4?

To defeat him, hit him with the Twin Slasher each time he appears, and once he lowers down onto the web, just keep hitting him while dodging his attacks. You receive the Lightning Web once he’s defeated. Colonel will battle you once you defeat four of the eight bosses.

Who is weak to Chameleon Sting?

His weakness is Boomerang Cutter, but it doesn’t cut off his tail as it cuts off Launch Octopus’ tentacles and Flame Mammoth’s trunk. Chameleon will repeat again.

How do you beat the storm owl?

The most effective strategy is to bait Storm Owl into swooping down and triggering Rakuhouha just as he dives. This ensures 3-4 hits on Storm Owl with one usage, and if timed correctly will cause him to abort his dive and exit the screen without damaging the player.

Who is wire sponge weak?

Weaknesses. Sonic Slicer – Wire Sponge has a more fragile body than most other Reploids and the Sonic Slicer can easily cut through his unarmoured form and leave him in pieces. Speed Burner – Being a plant-based Reploid, Wire Sponge is also vulnerable to fire.

What is Spark Mandrill weak to?

He is good at covering the walls with his Electric Spark and climbing, and can even shake the player down with his punches. However, he is infamously weak to Shotgun Ice, which can totally immobilize him in a loop of breaking out of ice when timed correctly.

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