How does Shakespeare present the character of Shylock?

How does Shakespeare present the character of Shylock?

In conclusion Shakespeare presents Shylock in this extract as vengeful, and to some extent sympathetic, although it is important to consider different audiences reactions to Shylock. Elsewhere in the play Shakespeare presents Shylock as cruel and inhumane, potentially playing on contemporary prejudices.

What kind of character is Shylock?

Shylock is a Jewish moneylender in Venice. He is unpopular with other characters who accuse him of practising usury. This means lending money with outrageously high rates of interest . The merchants, such as Antonio, curse and spit at Shylock because they believe this way of making money is immoral.

How does Shylock change throughout the play?

Shylock’s Change Throughout the Play

Shylock begins the play with contempt for Antonio, which only grows as time progresses. However, he grows euphoric when he hears of Anotnio’s misfortunes: “I am very glad of it. I’ll plague him; I’ll torture him” (III, Scene 1, Lines 116-117).

What are the characteristics of Shylock?

Shylock is a grasping but proud and somewhat tragic figure, and his role and Shakespeare’s intentions continue to be the source of much discussion. In addition to his baser traits, Shylock is proud and has deep religious instincts.

Why Shylock is considered a complex character?

Answer. shylock is a complex character having contradictory qualities. He is bloodthristy, cunning, greedy and fanatical, yet he has been given the human touch of being an oppressed and much hated alien .

Is Shylock a villain or a victim essay?

He is a victim of his religion, and a victim of his greed and overwhelming need for revenge. Shylock is definitely the most villainous character in the play, and only a few elements can show him as a victim overall, even then, his victimisation only seems to be a consequence of his own actions.

Why is Shylock your Favourite character?

Throughout the play we see Shylock as greedy as he could be but one cannot ignore his unbound love for his daughter Portia. The character of Shylock is open to many other interpretations and that’s why he is my favourite character in the play.

Which characteristics of Shylock character is highlighted by the given lines?

Shylock is firm and adamant on his decision to take nothing but the penalty. His motive is to take revenge from his enemy and show the strength of his character that nothing can prevent him from his purpose.

How Is Shylock a dynamic character?

Constantly evolving, Shylock goes from being described as a human, with emotional pitfalls and grief, to being angry and vindictive, and portrayed as an animal. Shylock’s emotional changes inflate and add dimension to his character, challenging the notions of villainy that are so often associated with him.

How was Shylock treated unfairly?

Shylock felt betrayed and heartbroken, to the point that he was shouting on the streets that his daughter, “Fled with a Christian!”(II,VIII,16) Due to the way Jessica had treated her father by taking his ducats, selling his engagement ring, and marrying a Christian, Shylock was treated unfairly by the end of the play.

Why was Shylock’s trial unfair?

For starters, this trial can be called unfair because of the reason Shylock was unable to collect “his” one pound of flesh from Antonio that was stated in the contract between them. Even Balthazar said, “It must not be. There is no power in Venice Can alter a decree establishèd.

Why Shylock is a victim essay?

Shylock is a victim of harassment by the Christians, a victim of betrayal by his own daughter, and a victim of prejudice because he had to give up his religion due to wanting Antonio’s flesh.

Did Shylock deserve his punishment?

Yes, Shylock deserves the punishment, as you sow so shall you reap. He had dug a ditch for Antonio but it seems he himself fell into it. Was this answer helpful?

Is Shylock a villain or victim essay?

What makes Shylock a villain?

In the play, The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare, Shylock is a villain because in the play Shylock uses deception and his knowledge of Antonio to exact his revenge, Shylock also shows that anger, revenge and hate has clouded his mind and so he chooses to show no forgiveness or mercy towards Antonio.

Is Shylock a villain or victim?

What is Shylock’s final punishment?

In the end – due to the efforts of Antonio’s well-wisher, Portia – Shylock is charged with attempted murder of a Christian, carrying a possible death penalty, and Antonio is freed without punishment. Shylock is then ordered to surrender half of his wealth and property to the state and the other half to Antonio.

Is Shylock a hero or villain?

Shylock is viewed as the villain in the play because he is a Jew but is actually the victim because of negative actions done onto him by others. When negotiating a deal with Antonio, Shylock gives him the opportunity to apologize for calling him dog and spitting in his face.

Why Shylock is a tragic character?

Shylock is a monster of cruelty, miser, greedy, suspicious ,cunning , bloodthirsty ,revengeful, mean ,a bad father and a bad master. But it is the circumstances that made him like this. Shylock is a tragic figure, trapped by prejudice and driven to revenge by the treatment he receives He is not cruel by nature.

Is Shylock a anti hero?

The Character of Shylock
Shylock is the antihero of the drama called The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare.

Is Shylock a victim or villain essay?

What type of villain is Shylock?

Shylock is portrayed as a greedy and heartless Jew. Also, due to the fact that the play is in Venice and it was an anti-Semitic city, many of the characters treat Shylock disrespectfully and do not call Shylock by his actual name.

Is Shylock Victim or villain?

Is Shylock a hero?

Why Is Shylock a tragic character?

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