How long does Laurier offer take?

How long does Laurier offer take?

within three to four weeks
An admission decision is typically made within three to four weeks of Laurier receiving your complete application. For competitive programs, admission decisions may take longer than four weeks.

What is the acceptance rate for Laurier?

Some salient points to be noted when applying for the institute are as follows: Wilfrid Laurier university mostly enrolls students in fall for their program and for some programs students are enrolled for fall, winter and spring. The institute is lightly selective and observes an acceptance rate of 89%.

How do I choose courses at WLU?

Choosing Courses at Laurier

  1. Step One: Research.
  2. Step Two: Consult Your Home Academic Advisor.
  3. Step Three: Consult LORIS Browse Classes.
  4. Step Four: Submit Your Choices With Your Application.
  5. Step Five: Receive Your Course Schedule.

Is Laurier competitive?

Laurier English and Academic Foundation (LEAF) Program The Bachelor of Business Administration is considered competitive and requires outstanding academic achievement in college courses and the required high school courses to be admissible.

How do I check my admission status at Laurier?

Log In to Your Applicant Portal Account You will be able to view your application status online through your portal account, in the ‘My Applications’ tab. You should also use your portal to view a list of documents we require for your application and to view when we receive your documents.

What is a full course load Laurier?

Impact of Changing Course Load on Application OSAP Minimum Full-time Course Load: 60% course load/1.50 credits (40% course load/1.00 credits for with Permanent Disability status registered with OSAP). OSAP’s definition of full-time and part-time status is different than Laurier’s full-time and part-time student status.

Where can I find electives Laurier?

You can review courses listed under your campus, as well as those offered online, for a complete listing of electives available to you. Upper-year students can find a complete list of all courses offered by each department in the Academic Calendar.

Is Laurier a top University?

Wilfrid Laurier University is ranked #1247 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

How do I accept my Laurier offer?

Accepting an Offer of Admission Your response to the offer of admission must be confirmed on Laurier’s Online Registration and Information System (LORIS). To accept the offer, log in to Loris and select the Admissions tab, then Display Admissions Applications.

How many programs can you apply to at Laurier?

three programs
You can apply to up to three programs at Laurier. Each program application is reviewed separately and you will receive an admission decision for each program.

What marks does Laurier look at?

Basic Admission Requirements A 4U English at a minimum of 60% (or higher for some programs). All required courses listed in your program’s admission requirements must be at a minimum of 60% (or higher for some programs).

What is Laurier university known for?

As a “Changemaker Campus,” Laurier is a recognized global leader in social entrepreneurship and social innovation education. Laurier was only the second university in Canada to qualify for this prestigious designation, given to us by Ashoka U.

What is a B at Laurier?

Please note that most courses at Laurier have a weight of 0.5 credits, even though the grade point scale is based on 1.0 credit weight. List the grade point next to each course….Laurier’s Grade Scale.

Letter Grade Percentage Grade Points
A- 80-84 10
B+ 77-79 9
B 73-76 8
B- 70-72 7

Is Laurier a small University?

WLU is a small university, with friendly staff.

Does Laurier round averages?

Applicants who have received an offer of admission for fall 2021 and have a current admission average of 90% or higher (Laurier does not round admission averages) will receive access to the Laurier Scholars Award application.

What program is Laurier known for?

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