How many bodies were recovered in the Frank Slide?

How many bodies were recovered in the Frank Slide?

Seventy people were reported dead in the Frank Sentinel paper at the time of the slide. Twenty-three very lucky people in cottages in the southeast edge of town survived the slide. Seventeen miners inside the mine survived but were trapped and had to rescue themselves.

How many people died in the Frank Slide 1903?

DEADLIEST ROCKSLIDE The bustling town of Frank was home to approximately 600 people in 1903. Most of the roughly 110 individuals who lived in the path of the slide were killed.

Did a baby survive Frank Slide?

It was September 1960 and I was an eight-year-old apprehensive about what was going on. I remember finding it hard to imagine the large, red-haired lady with horn-rimmed glasses in her 60s as the baby who miraculously survived unhurt after Turtle Mountain crashed down on the coal-mining town of Frank in 1903.

Will Frank Slide fall again?

“Yes, “ Field explains to visitors. “It will fall again.” While the timing of when Turtle Mountain will crumble is uncertain, she tells them the monitoring program means “next time, when ‘Frank Slide 2 – The Return’ happens, there won’t be people killed.”

Why is it called Franks slide?

It was named after Henry Frank who, along with Samuel Gebo, owned the Canadian-American Coal and Coke Company, which operated the mine that the town was created to support.

Where is the Frank Slide located?

FrankFrank Slide / LocationFrank is an urban community in the Rocky Mountains within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass in southwest Alberta, Canada. It was formerly incorporated as a village prior to 1979 when it amalgamated with four other municipalities to form Crowsnest Pass. Wikipedia

How long did the Frank Slide last?

Frank Slide

The town of Frank and Turtle Mountain on April 30, 1903, one day after the slide
Date April 29, 1903
Coordinates 49°35′28″N 114°23′43″W
Deaths 70–more than 90
Website Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

Will Turtle Mountain slide again?

Will the mountain fall again? Scientists anticipate another major rock avalanche one-sixth to one-third the size of the 1903 rockslide at Turtle Mountain in future, but not anytime soon unless there is an earthquake.

Is the Frank Slide in Alberta or BC?

The Frank Slide was a massive rockslide that buried part of the mining town of Frank in the District of Alberta of the North-West Territories, Canada, at 4:10 a.m. on April 29, 1903. Around 44 million cubic metres/110 million tonnes (120 million short tons) of limestone rock slid down Turtle Mountain.

Where is Frank Slide in Alberta?

Crowsnest Pass
One of Canada’s largest modern rockslides occurred on April 29, 1903, at 4:10 a.m. on Turtle Mountain in the Crowsnest Pass, which is approximately 250 km south of Calgary, in southwestern Alberta. Approximately 30 million m3 (82+ million t) of rock buried a portion of the town of Frank, killing more than 70 people.

How many people died in Frank Alberta?

Frank Slide

The town of Frank and Turtle Mountain on April 30, 1903, one day after the slide
Date April 29, 1903
Location Frank, District of Alberta, North-West Territories (now the province of Alberta), Canada
Coordinates 49°35′28″N 114°23′43″W
Deaths 70–more than 90

What was the largest landslide in Canada?

the Hope Slide
January 9, 1965: Hope, BC With an estimated volume of 47 million cubic meters of rock, mud and water, the Hope Slide remains the largest landslide ever recorded in Canada.

Where is the Frank Slide?

Which Canadian province has recorded the greatest number of landslide related fatalities over the past two centuries?

British Columbia fatalities due to landslides total 356, followed by Quebec at 239. Newfoundland is third at 103 fatalities. May 4, 2021, was the 50th anniversary of a fatal landslide in Saint-Jean-Vianney, where 31 people were killed.

Is the Frank Slide in Alberta?

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, in southern Alberta’s spectacular Crowsnest Pass, overlooks Canada’s deadliest rockslide. See and hear first-hand what happened the night Turtle Mountain fell.

Why is it called Frank Slide?

How long did it take to clear the Hope Slide?

Phil Gaglardi, the British Columbia Minister of Highways, attended the scene and directed the construction of a temporary tote road over the southern portion of the slide. In twenty-one days a bumpy route had been established over the slide.

What was the biggest landslide in Canada?

1903: Frank, AB. On April 29, an 82-million tonne rock avalanche from Turtle Mountain buried part of the coal mining town of Frank. Unstable bedrock, dramatic changes in weather, and the mining within the mountain were contributing factors. This is considered Canada’s worst landslide disaster, causing 75 deaths.

Which areas in Canada are more prone to landslides?

Thousands of landslides occur every year in Canada, but most are small. They occur in all regions but are most damaging in the mountainous regions of British Columbia and Alberta and in the St. Lawrence Lowlands of Quebec and Ontario. Large landslides are less common, occurring only about once every 10 years in Canada.

Was Frank Slide an earthquake?

It was thought the rockslide was triggered by an earthquake, volcanic eruption or explosion within the mine. The majority of the town survived, but the slide buried buildings on the eastern outskirts of Frank.

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