How many kills are in Halloween 2007?

How many kills are in Halloween 2007?

The Number Of Kills Meanwhile, in the unrated version of director Rob Zombie’s 2007 revival, there are a total of 22 deaths, but “only” 20 in the theatrical cut. In comparison, Michael kills 27 people in Halloween Kills, greatly surpassing both the original and reboot continuity marks.

What is the body count in Halloween?

But even with such a dark aura glowing around the film, Halloween’s body count is a lowly five people. The roots of Michael Myers’ reign isn’t a numbers game. Watching bodies hit the floor does have a clear appeal for some horror fans.

Is Halloween 2007 for kids?

MPAA explanation: strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

How many body counts does Michael Myers have?

Michael Myers accumulates a whopping total of at least 27 kills during the events of Halloween Kills, with some massacres including a large body of people that cannot be confirmed. Before the events of Halloween Kills, Michael’s kill count was already astronomical.

How many bodies does Jason have?

But by 1993, Jason continued his streak and killed over 100 people. However, his last film happened in 2009, and he’s surpassed Michael Myers’ body count with close to 200 victims.

Which slasher has the most kills?

Jason Voorhees’ total kill count, then, is 157, and it’s mostly because he has more movies than other slasher villains with a total of 12, including the crossover with Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs.

How many kills were in Halloween? (of all places) pointed out the record-setting murder count achieved by “Halloween Kills,” with most of the kills coming from Michael Myers himself. The film shows 30 people being killed in the film, and 25 of them are confirmed to die at the hands of Michael Myers.

Did the original Halloween have nudity?

Sexual Content: – Unmarried couples engage in sexual activity. – Female breast nudity is shown on a few occasions.

Who has a higher body count Jason or Michael Myers?

Who has higher body count Jason or Michael?

Jason, and he has killed people at Camp Crystal Lake, New York City, and even in space thanks to Jason X – however, the spot of the slasher villain with the highest kill count now belongs to Michael Myers, thanks to Halloween Kills.

Which horror movie villain has the highest body count?

Jason Voorhees takes down the competition with 158 throughout his 28-year career as a horror movie villain. That’s 29 more than Michael Myers, who has the second most on this list. Donning his signature white hockey mask, Jason loves to hack, slash, and impale his victims using his old rusty machete.

Can a teen watch Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills is rated R for violence, gore, language, nudity, and drug use. It is not appropriate for kids under 17 according to the MPA unless they’re accompanied by an adult.

Should I let my 13 year old watch Halloween?

Halloween as an R-rated property with numerous movies under its umbrella (and another, Halloween Kills, on the way), some of which are scarier or more violent than others, but none of which are really meant for young kids.

Who has more bodies Jason or Michael Myers?

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