How much does Mannat house cost?

How much does Mannat house cost?

around 200 crores
Shahrukh Khan mannat house price is estimated to be around 200 crores.

Where is Shahrukh Khan house Mannat?

Bandra West
Shah Rukh Khan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, so it makes sense that King Khan’s “Mannat” house in Mumbai was fit for a king. Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan’s first home in Mumbai was a 3 BHK sea-facing flat on the 7th floor of Shree Amrit Apartments on Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

What is the cost of Shahrukh Khan Mannat?

New nameplate at Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat designed by Gauri Khan, costs a whopping Rs. 25 lakhs. Shah Rukh Khan has held his spot as the unparalleled King of Bollywood for decades now. His popularity can be proved by how his residence Mannat has become a popular tourist spot in Mumbai.

How many people work Mannat?

That would be 225 people in Mannat alone!

How many staff does Mannat have?

How big is Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat?

Shahrukh khan’s bungalow, Mannat, is a six-storeyed high building. Does Mannat have a swimming pool? The sprawling Mannat bungalow also includes a luxurious swimming pool.

Where does Shahrukh Khan live in Dubai?

Shahrukh Khan also owns a luxury villa in Palm Beach Jumeirah, Dubai, which is the largest man-made sand seashore on the earth. Named as ‘Jannat’, SRK’s Dubai home is worth Rs 100 crores. Gifted by a Dubai-based developer, Nakheel in September 2007, SRK spends a considerable amount of time in Dubai.

Where is Shahrukh Khan’s house in Bandra West?

The King of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan’s 6-storey high, sea-facing marvel located at Bandstand in Bandra West is a heritage building and a tourist spot. Such is the fan following of Bollywood ’s Baadshah that several hundred people visit the house everyday hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood star.

How much did Shahrukh Khan pay for his house on lease?

The area of the house was 2,466 sq meters, facing the sea when Shahrukh bought the house on lease in 2001 and he paid 13.32 crore for it ultimately. The rent of the leased house was Rs. 19 lakh per annum.

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