How much is a PRC 117?

How much is a PRC 117?

Price Range. According to the same document, the price of one PRC-117G(C) radio is $60,000 in FY09 dollars.

What time of the day is quick?

Aircraft and ground radios that employ HAVE QUICK must be initialized with accurate Time Of Day (TOD) (usually from a GPS receiver), a Word Of the Day (WOD), and a NET number (providing mode selection and multiple networks to use the same word of the day).

What radios do Jtac use?

“The HHL16 radio will give JTACs the ability to transmit friendly positions and send messages directly to fighter aircraft via an extremely secure and encrypted pathway,” said Capt.

What is TacSat?

TACSAT communications is reliable, flexible, and survivable. It can replace certain links previously provided by conventional LOS radio relay, troposcatter TROPO, high frequency (HF) single sideband (SSB) or frequency modulated (FM) radios.

Is TacSat the answer to all communications problems?

TACSAT communications is not the answer to all communications problems. However, a well thought-out, properly executed plan that augments the traditional ground-based communications system with appropriate TACSAT resources can improve communications availability, reliability, and flexibility.

What is the role of the TacSat frequency assignment tag?

(3) Tags TACSAT frequency assignments for inclusion in the joint restricted frequency lists at the appropriate level. (4) Assists user with resolving EMI per Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3320.02.

What is the MIL-STD for UHF TacSat channels?

6. Military-Standards (MIL-STD) for DAMA a. MIL-STD-188-181 (Interoperability Standard for Single Access 5-kHz and 25-kHz UHF Satellite Channels) provides guidance on the use of UHF TACSAT channels in the dedicated mode. Revision B, the most current version, provides the information on home channel numbers and their respective frequencies.

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