How much is fish feed in Nigeria now?

How much is fish feed in Nigeria now?

The size of feed you give to your fish depends on the size/age of the fish, In Nigeria, the current price of coppens fish feed is ₦8000.

FEED size (mm) Price per bag
Top Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,400
BlueCrown Fish Feed 0.8 to 9 mm ₦10,500
Vital Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦7,100
Zeigler Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦12,000

How much is a bag of fish meal in Nigeria?

How Much is a Bag of Fish Feed in Nigeria. The current price of fish feed in Nigeria per bag start from Four Thousand Naira (N4,000) to Eleven Thousand Naira (N11,000) depending on the size and brand.

How much is catfish 2022 Nigeria?

Farmers sell their catfish per kg, either as full size adults 1kg or young adults 500g to 600g. 1kg catfish is sold at N1000 to N1200 (January 2022).

What is the best feed for fish?

Best Fish Foods Reviewed

  1. Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flakes.
  2. Omega One Freshwater Flakes.
  3. Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Formula (Pellets.
  4. Omega One Super Color Veggie Kelp Floating Pellets.
  5. Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Pellets.
  6. Omega One Veggie Rounds.
  7. Repashy SuperGreen Gel Food.
  8. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Spirulina Brine Shrimp Cubes.

How many bags of fish feed 1000 fishes?


100 4.5 67.5
500 22.5 337.5
1,000 45 675
3,000 135 2,025

What makes catfish grow faster and bigger?

Correct stocking rate. Encouragement of natural foods through pond fertilization. Maintenance of optimum water quality and. Supplementary feeding.

What is the price of fish food?

List of Best Selling Food & Health for Fishes price

Latest Food & Health for Fishes Price
Optimum Fish Food 500gm ₹491
Optimum CP 100g Gold Fish Food ₹241
Taiyo Arowana Fish Food 1KG ₹830
Taiyo Arowana Fish Food 220 gm ₹399

How many catfish can you have in a 1000 Litre tank?

So 1000 liters is 264 gals so about 26 fish.

How can I make my fish grow faster?

The Formula To Grow Fish Fast! You Oughta Know How To – YouTube

Which fish feed is best in Nigeria?

Types of Fish Feed Brands In Nigeria

  1. Skretting. The first type of feed brand that you can use for your fish is Skretting.
  2. Coppens. The second type of fish feed is Coppens.
  3. Aller Aqua. The third type of fish feed brand is Aller Aqua.
  4. Top Feeds.
  5. Blue Crown.
  6. Vital Feeds.
  7. EcoFloat.

How much should I feed my 1000 fish?

Cost of Feeding the Fish for Six Months

On average, provided all things are normal, you would expect about 1 Kilogram feed to make one catfish gain 1-kilogram weight. Hence, 1, 000 fish will require an average of 1, 000 kg feed to develop adequately over a few months.

How many times a day should I feed my catfish?

once a day
Most catfish producers feed once a day, 7 days a week during the warmer months. Research has shown feeding twice a day improves growth of fingerlings, but there is no benefit by feeding twice a day for food fish grow out. Feed is typically blown onto the surface of the water using mechanical feeders.

What to give catfish to grow faster?

The secret ingredient in pelleted catfish food is protein. Protein is the ingredient that boosts fish growth to achieve huge size. Luckily fish feed producers know this therefore early starter feed have from 40% to 45% protein. Once the juvenile fish eat heartily they will display rapid growth.

How many types of fish feed are there?

There are three types of food used in fish ponds: natural food; supplementary feeds; complete feeds.

How many times should we feed the fish?

In general, most fish do quite well on one or two feedings per day. Most fish require 16 to 24 hours to fully digest the food they eat, so a once-a-day feeding is quite sufficient. However, some owners prefer to feed their fish very lightly twice a day.

How much is 1kg of fresh catfish in Nigeria?

₦900.00 / kg/ha.

How many months does it take a catfish to grow?

For any farmer to benefit from catfish maturity, he or she must wait. However, some catfish species mature earlier, say 4 months, while others mature late (5 months and above).

What is the best fish feed in Nigeria?

How do you grow big fish?

Pond Management – For better fish growth – YouTube

What makes catfish to grow fast?

Proper feed is what makes catfish grow fast. Catfish is bottom-feeder. In the natural habitat it consumes insects, mollusks, crayfish, various crustaceans and even other fish. Large fish may also consume young fish.

Do catfish eat rice?

Fish cannot eat uncooked rice. Feeding uncooked rice is harmful to fish.

How do I make my catfish bigger?

Protein is a key material to force fish to reach a desirable weight. The best sources of protein are the sunflower, soy, a seed of cotton, etc. He recommends to include 40 percent of protein in forage of a catfish. Catfish requires a huge ammount of protein as it grows quicker than other fishes and it is carnivorous.

What makes catfish sick?

Of the overall catfish losses caused by infectious disease, approximately 60 percent are the result of single or mixed bacterial infections, 30 percent result from parasitic infestation, 9 percent from fungal infections, and 1 percent are of viral etiology.

What are the 3 types of feeds?

We can conveniently classify feeds into three main types: (1) roughages, (2) concentrates, and (3) mixed feeds. Roughages include pasture forages, hays, silages, and byproduct feeds that contain a high percentage of fiber.

What time of day is best to feed fish?

Most fish will do well with two meals a day. The timing is not critical, with the exception of nocturnal feeders. If you have nocturnal fish in your tank, such as certain catfish, be sure to feed them just before turning the lights out at night.

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