Is MacKenzie-Childs still in business?

Is MacKenzie-Childs still in business?

When MacKenzie-Childs went bankrupt in 2001, the couple lost the rights to the company after it was bought out. Since then, they have created a new business: Richard and Victoria Emprise, which offers an entirely new line of pottery and fetching jewelry.

How much did MacKenzie-Childs sell for?

The MacKenzie-Childs’ property at 1671 Route 90 in King Ferry sold for $595,000. The purchase price does not include the original decor contents.

Is MacKenzie child made in China?

All of their ceramic pieces (except the tiles, made in Mexico), are created at the Aurora, New York location. Of course, a company as large as MacKenzie-Childs cannot make all of their products in one place.

Their creations, innovative. Their arithmetic, not. So, although sold in 2000 after the company filed for bankruptcy, MacKenzie-Childs continues flourishing today under different management. And now, following Dr. Ruth, Demi Lovato, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, Whitney and Malcolm X, a do’s coming on MacKenzie and Childs who just gave their annual party.

Why shop the outlet at MacKenzie-Childs?

Not all treasures are silver and gold! The Outlet at MacKenzie-Childs is your place to hunt for your next treasure. With new merchandise added regularly, your search might yield one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces, discontinued prints and patterns you may recognize from years past, original samples, high-quality seconds, and so much more.

Are pets allowed at the MacKenzie-Childs sale?

Please adhere to social distance markers while in line and while shopping in the store. No pets (outside service animals only) will be allowed on the grounds during the sale event. Failure to follow our COVID-19 guidelines may result in being asked to leave the MacKenzie-Childs premises.

How do I contact MacKenzie Childs customer service?

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