Is Nashua NH worth visiting?

Is Nashua NH worth visiting?

Nashua is the second largest city in the state of New Hampshire and by all accounts an excellent place to visit or live. Having twice been named the “Best Place To Live In America” by Money Magazine.

What is special about Nashua NH?

Nashua features picturesque parks, majestic rivers, pristine lakes, sprawling forests, diverse wildlife, electrifying nightlife, numerous historic sites, aesthetically pleasing architecture, great amusement parks, and so much more.

Is Nashua NH a nice town?

Nashua, NH is no stranger to Money’s Top 100 Places to live list, having been listed as the #1 place to live in the United States in the very first year, 1987, and again in 1997. We’re very proud to have also made the Top 100 designation in three out of the last four years, including again in 2019!

Is downtown Nashua NH Safe?

OVERALL RISK : LOW Other than a few areas in Nashua’s downtown, Nashua is a relatively safe city, but still a city! The rate of violent & property crimes in Nashua falls below the New Hampshire average and significantly below the national average.

Is Nashua New Hampshire a safe place to live?

Nashua has an overall crime rate of 10 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Nashua is 1 in 99.

How safe is Nashua?

Other than a few areas in Nashua’s downtown, Nashua is a relatively safe city, but still a city! The rate of violent & property crimes in Nashua falls below the New Hampshire average and significantly below the national average. It is noted that Nashua’s crime rates are more than 50% below national averages.

Is Manchester NH Safe?

Based on FBI crime data, Manchester is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to New Hampshire, Manchester has a crime rate that is higher than 98% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is the ugliest town in NH?

That’s right, Somersworth (where you get your money’s worth) New Hampshire was named the ugliest city in the state.

What city in NH has the highest crime rate?

New Hampshire Crime Index City Rank

Rank Crime Index ▲ City / Population
1. 121 Hill, NH
2. 144 Atkinson, NH
3. 225 Canterbury, NH
4. 241 New London, NH / 1,470

Is Nashua NH diverse?

85.7% of Nashua’s population is white and 7.8% is Hispanic, compared to 94.8% of the State’s population that identifies as white and 2.6% that identifies as Hispanic.

What city in New Hampshire has the highest crime rate?

What part of Manchester NH is safest?

Safest Manchester neighborhoods

  • North End.
  • Martin.
  • Wellington.
  • Southeast Manchester.
  • Northwest Manchester.
  • Green Acres.
  • Hanover Hill.
  • Pinardville East.

What percentage of New Hampshire is black?

In New Hampshire, 3 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 2 percent are African-American or black, and 3 percent are Asian.

What is the most miserable city in NH?

(The Center Square) – Manchester was ranked the worst place to live in among all the cities in New Hampshire, according to a 24/7 Wall St. analysis examining communities where households have the most difficulty pursuing happiness and fulfillment.

Where should I not live in NH?

The 20 Worst Places to Live in New Hampshire

  • Somersworth.
  • Concord.
  • Hillsborough.
  • Seabrook.
  • Suncock.
  • Franklin. Franklin isn’t having a great time of it lately.
  • Newmarket. As far as crime goes, you could pick far, far worse places to live than Newmarket.
  • Nashua. Nashua is a medium-sized city of 87,279 people.

Is Nashua Safe?

What is the racial makeup of Nashua NH?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Nashua, NH are White (Non-Hispanic) (73.2%), White (Hispanic) (9.38%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (8.35%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (2.87%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.55%). 0% of the households in Nashua, NH speak a non-English language at home as their primary language.

What percentage of African Americans live in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Demographics White: 92.88% Asian: 2.68% Two or more races: 2.10% Black or African American: 1.60%

Why you should move to New Hampshire?

Top 10 Reasons to move to New Hampshire

  • Low crime rates.
  • Affordable homes.
  • No income tax and no sales tax.
  • Low risks for natural disaster.
  • Top-quality education.
  • Proximity to Boston.
  • No capital gains tax and no inventory tax.
  • New Hampshire has a strong job market.

What are the top attractions in New Hampshire?

Mount Washington Auto Road. Stretching for 7.6 miles of lush green New Hampshire scenery,the Mount Washington Auto Road is well worth the drive— and climb.

  • Conway Scenic Railroad. Conway Scenic Railroad is another major attraction in New Hampshire.
  • Castle in the Clouds.
  • Hampton Beach.
  • Lakes Region.
  • Mount Monadnock.
  • Polar Caves Park.
  • Kancamagus Highway.
  • What are some jobs in New Hampshire?

    Cost of Care Survey tool to help calculate the median cost of long-term care services in your area,as well as trend charts and tables ranking states from the highest

  • Beyond Dollars research,which highlights how caregiving impacts families,communities,and society.
  • Guides to understanding Medicare and Medicaid .
  • What to do in NH this weekend?

    Drive My Car on Thursday,Feb.

  • Theatre Kapow — Dance Nation from Friday,Feb.
  • Manchester Community Action Coalition Dream Jobs event on Saturday,Feb.
  • Derry Frost Festival on Saturday,Feb.
  • Apres Beach Party on Saturday,Feb.
  • Glen House Speaker Series: Are We Alone?
  • Keene Jazz Orchestra Winter Dance on Saturday,Feb.
  • What to do in Nashua NH?

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