Is Patriot Viper 4 ram good?

Is Patriot Viper 4 ram good?

Overall, the Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 RAM from Patriot delivered great performance. And with its sleek and premium aesthetics, it will surely fit perfectly in any build you have. But what makes it a winner is its affordable price, making it an excellent option for purchase.

Are Patriot Rams good?

Patriot Viper RGB 32GB DDR4 RAM Review Summary The Patriot Viper RGB 32GB DDR4 RAM is one of the best hardware components we’ve used. There’s nothing to dislike about this RAM since it’s complete with aesthetics, reliability, and excellent performance.

Does Ram brand matter?

Generally, RAM brand doesn’t matter nearly as much as the tech and parts that make up an individual stick. There are, however, plenty of important things to note from one brand to the other and mixing brands can lead to potential problems.

Is Viper steel a good RAM?

The Patriot Viper Steel RGB 32GB DDR4 RAM provides most of your CPU performance, especially if you’re using Ryzen. You can also overclock the RAM to squeeze more performance.

Which brand makes the best RAM?

How much RAM do I need?

  1. Corsair Vengeance LED. Best RAM.
  2. G. Skill Trident Z RGB.
  3. Kingston HyperX Predator. Best DDR3 RAM.
  4. Kingston HyperX Fury. Best budget RAM.
  5. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB. Best high-end RAM.
  6. HyperX Fury RGB 3733MHz. Best high frequency RAM.
  7. G. Skill Trident Z RGB DC.
  8. Adata Spectrix D80. Best gaming RAM.

Is Patriot Viper steel?

Patriot’s Viper Steel memory modules are designed with true performance in mind. Built for the latest Intel® andAMD™ platforms, our Viper Steel DDR4 memory provides the best performance and stability for the most demanding computer environments.

Is Patriot Viper steel ram dual rank?

Underneath the large gunmetal grey aluminum heatspreaders we find dual rank 16GB single die memory chips by Samsung (for the 3600MHz 64GB kit). As with previous lines Patriot covers the entire Viper Steel line of DDR4 RAM with a limited lifetime warranty.

Who makes the most reliable DDR4 RAM?

  1. TEAM XTREEM ARGB 16GB DDR4-3600MHz C14. The best RAM for gaming.
  2. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz. The best high-end RAM for gaming.
  3. G. Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB DDR4-3600MHz.
  4. Colorful CVN Guardian 16GB DDR4-3200. The best budget RGB memory.
  5. G. Skill Trident Z Royal 16GB DDR4-4000MHz.
  6. G.

Is the Patriot Viper steel good?

It works great alongside the XPG RAM and both can be overclocked to 3200 MHz with the XMP profile loaded on my ASUS Prime B450-M motherboard. Dual-channel memory is more important nowadays, even on systems equipped with discrete graphics cards. On average, I’ve seen a 5-15% increase in gaming performance.

Is Patriot Viper low profile steel?

Low-Profile Form Factor The Patriot Viper Steel RGB 32GB DDR4 RAM comes with a low-profile design that fits most computer builds with large CPU heatsinks.

What is Patriot Viper steel?

Is RAM manufactured in India?

Simmtronics Infotech Pvt. Ltd is an Indian privately held, multinational computer technology company that develops, manufactures, sells and supports – Laptop Ram, Desktop Ram, Pen drive, and Micro SD cards.

Is Patriot Viper steel dual rank?

What is Patriot Viper RGB program?

The Viper RGB Series provides the best performance and stability, as well as the most colorful dimensions that come with RGB lighting. It includes five different lighting zones – all fully customizable through our own Viper RGB software.

Which RAM is the latest?

Latest RAM

SIMMTRONICS LAPTOP RAM DDR3 4 जीबी 1333Mhz Rs.2,393
SIMMTRONICS DESKTOP RAM DDR3 4 जीबी 1066Mhz Rs.2,300
Simmtronics 2Gb Ddr2 800 Mhz Laptop Ram Rs.1,800
Kingston Value RAM 2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Rs.1,200

Which brand is best for RAM in India?


  • Corsair.
  • Kingston.
  • G.SKILL.
  • Transcend.
  • IBM.
  • ADATA.
  • Crucial.
  • EVM.

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