What are back flap hinges used for?

What are back flap hinges used for?

Backflap hinges are a multi-purpose hinge for woodworking applications like making lidded boxes or adding in table flaps. Back Flap hinges are designed to lie flat when in use, making them a great choice for bar or countertops. They come with screws included, so you will have all you need to finish your project.

What is a counter flap hinge?

Counter flap hinges are designed to open upwards and then lie flat when closed. This makes them ideal for spaces with a full width counter such as bars, shops and hotels. Available in several styles, applications and finishes to suit any décor, they are easy to install and sold in pairs for convenience.

What are external hinges called?

One of the most common options for an exterior door hinge is called the butt hinge.

What is a pinnacle hinge?

The Pinnacle Hardware range of Heavy Duty Hinges is full of reliable options to keep your door operating as it should. Over the years, your door will get exposed to elements that are out of your control. Extreme temperatures and exposure to water can diminish the quality of lesser quality door hinges.

What is a wide throw hinge?

Wide throw door hinges are used on openings where the door must swing up to 180 degrees without binding on protruding trim installed on the face of the frame or wall. Decorative trim around the opening can be very thick depending on the design.

How do I install a lid support hinge?

Open the lid support hinge and open the toy chest/storage box. Ask someone to keep the lid held open. Now place the lid support on the inside of the lid where you want to install it. Make sure that the lid support you choose is designed for where you want to install it on the chest (left side or right side).

What is hinge backset?

Hinge backset is the dimension from the edge of the hinge to either the stop on the frame or to the edge of the door. For operating clearance, the hinge backset on the door is 1/16″ less than the hinge backset on the frame.

How do I know my backset hinge?

How much weight can a steel hinge hold?

Standard Duty – For low- or medium-frequency doors up to 200 lb. without frame or door reinforcement. Heavy Duty – For high-frequency doors up to 200 lb. or medium-frequency doors up to 400 lb., both without frame or door reinforcement; or low-frequency doors up to 600 lb.

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