What cromoglycate is used for?

What cromoglycate is used for?

Sodium cromoglycate is a medicine used to prevent the symptoms of asthma. When it is used regularly, this medicine lessens the number and severity of asthma attacks by reducing inflammation in the lungs.

What class of drug is sodium cromoglycate?

SODIUM CROMOGLYCATE belongs to a group of medications called ‘antiallergics’ used to treat allergic rhinitis, prevention of asthma and conjunctivitis (pink eye).

When should I take sodium cromoglycate?

Take sodium cromoglicate 30-60 minutes before a meal. Side-effects are uncommon but may include feeling sick (nausea), joint pain, and skin rash.

How long does sodium cromoglicate take to work?

Sodium cromoglycate eye drops belong to the class of medications called mast cell stabilizers. It is used to help relieve and prevent seasonal allergy eye symptoms such as itching, tearing, and redness. Relief of symptoms usually occurs within 2 to 3 days of starting the medication.

Is cromoglycate an antihistamine?

Sodium cromoglicate has no intrinsic vasoconstrictor or antihistamine activity.

How long does it take for sodium Cromoglicate to work?

How long can you use sodium cromoglicate?

The prevention and treatment of acute, seasonal and perennial allergic conjunctivitis. Adults and Children : One or two drops into each eye up to four times a day or as indicated by the doctor….Hide table of contents.

Unopened: 36 months
Opened: Discard solution 28 days after opening the bottle.

Can I buy sodium Cromoglicate over the counter?

They are suitable for use in adults and children. The drops are available on prescription, and you can also buy them at a pharmacy and other retail outlets, without a prescription. Sodium cromoglicate is also available as a nasal spray, inhaler and oral capsules.

Can I buy sodium cromoglicate over the counter?

What does sodium cromoglycate do?

See section 4. The active ingredient Sodium Cromoglicate belongs to a group of medicines called anti-inflammatory/anti-allergy agents. Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops are used to treat red, watery, itchy eyes caused by allergies such as hayfever, house dust mites and pet hair.

How long does it take for sodium cromoglicate to work?

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