What does the word lavaliere mean?

What does the word lavaliere mean?

Definition of lavaliere : a pendant on a fine chain that is worn as a necklace.

Is lavaliere a noun?

lav·a·liere n. 1. also la·val·lière (lä′vä-lyâr′) A pendant worn on a chain around the neck. 2.

Is Lavaliering real?

Lavaliering is a Greek tradition born out of various dating rituals going back to a pre-Penn State era. An actual lavaliere is a necklace with the fraternity’s letters on it. The level of commitment varies from fraternity to fraternity and school to school.

What is a lavalier Chicago?

– Roxie Hart, “Chicago” The lines created by a lavalier are sleek, elegant, and sensual. Finely crafted gold with beautiful detail, ending in a single shining gemstone, like a tear running off a cheek, or a dew drop on the tip of a leaf.

How do you lavalier a girl?

Many times, lavaliering is preceded by “pinning.” The fraternity member gives his girlfriend a pin, which represents his commitment to her. Then, once the relationship becomes more serious, he will give her a lavalier. The ceremony surrounding the presentation of a lavalier necklace is a big deal for most fraternities.

What does lava leered mean?

Lavaliering. If you’re wondering what is lavaliering, it is when a member of a fraternity bestows a necklace with his Greek letters onto an important sorority woman in his life. The person who receives the lavalier can wear it whenever they wish.

What does lavalier into a frat mean?

There is a process for lavaliering for both fraternities. and sororities. “Lavaliering is a Greek tradition where a fraternity man, places his significant other ahead of his chapter. It is also known as a pre-engagement of marriage,” Laurent said.

What’s a sweetheart in a frat?

Sweethearts are women chosen by the brothers, women who have “been around (the fraternity), who have hung out a lot,” said John Gilbert, a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. They serve as party guests, public relations advocates, friends to the brothers and various other capacities.

How do you wear a sautoir?

HOW TO WEAR A SAUTOIR NECKLACE? A versatile and playful piece of jewelry, the Sautoir can easily blend with your morning or evening attire. Feel free to experiment wearing a long white shirt with jeans or a simple jumper or a little black dress. A Sautoir can enhance your style instantly.

What do frat sweetheart do?

Do fraternities still lavalier?

Today, lavalier medallions feature the fraternity’s Greek letters. You may see lavaliers for fraternities like Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and others. Three Greek letter pendant typically hangs from a sterling silver or gold chain that rests along the woman’s breastbone.


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