What does TTF mean in gas?

What does TTF mean in gas?

Title Transfer Facility
The Title Transfer Facility, more commonly known as TTF, is a virtual trading point for natural gas in the Netherlands.

What is Dutch TTF price?

Key Turning Points

52-Week High 277.805
Fibonacci 50% 147.950
Fibonacci 38.2% 117.304
Last Price 83.101s
52-Week Low 18.095

What is TTF in LNG?

Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is a pricing location within the Netherlands. TTF has become the most liquid pricing location in Europe, and as such, oftentimes serves as a pricing proxy for the overall European LNG import market.

What is TTF and NBP?

The TTF and NBP lines represent those hubs’ total volumes divided by five in order to scale better on the chart. The NBP, having had its best volume years and remaining fairly steady from 2014 until 2017, started to fall away rapidly from Q1-2018, as can be seen in the Figure.

What is Dutch TTF hub?

Dutch TTF means Title Transfer Facility and is a virtual trading hub for gas in the Netherlands and is the primary gas pricing hub for the European gas market.


Which country pays the most for petrol?

Petrol prices in USD, EURO and INR

Rank Country Gasoline/Petrol Prices per liter
INR (₹)
1 Venezuela 1.93
2 Libya 2.48
3 Iran 3.95

Does the UK need Russian gas?

The UK is not dependent on Russian natural gas, making up less than 4% of our supply.

How much UK gas is from Russia?

Our single largest source of gas is from the UK Continental Shelf and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers such as Norway. There are no gas pipelines directly linking the UK with Russia and imports from Russia made up less than 4% of total UK gas supply in 2021.

Who owns British gas now?

CentricaBritish Gas / Parent organization

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