What happened to Hinchinbrook Island resort?

What happened to Hinchinbrook Island resort?

Since its closure in 2010, the largely forgotten resort site on Hinchinbrook Island has almost been consumed back into the natural environment. It was the only accommodation on the national park island, but over the past eight years has been smashed by Cyclone Yasi, looted by vandals and destroyed by fire.

What happened to South Molle Island resort?

In 2016, the island was bought by a Chinese company, but was destroyed by Cyclone Debbie only a few months later. As of 2019, the resort remains closed and in disrepair.

Who owns Hinchinbrook Island?

The Bandjin and Girramay people, Traditional Owners of Munamudanamy, maintain ongoing connections to their land and sea country and are actively involved in management of this island national park. Protected since 1932, Hinchinbrook Island is one of Australia’s largest island national parks (39,900ha).

Is Brampton Island still operating?

A former resort now closed and caught up in limbo and paperwork with talk of redevelopment. Once a popular spot for honeymooners Brampton Island was home to a resort that combined luxury and privacy in stunning surrounds.

Can you stay on Hinchinbrook?

Although the biggest island on the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island is completely uninhabited. To protect the Island’s biodiversity and prevent damage to the environment just 40 people are permitted to stay at any one time.

What happened to Club Crocodile Long island?

Long Island’s Club Croc has been closed for several years, and was recently purchased with plans to redevelop the property into a high-end luxury resort. What was Club like before it closed? Just a short walk over the hill from Palm Bay, this family-focused resort might as well be on an entirely different island.

What happened to Club Med Lindeman Island?

Club Med closed its three-star Lindeman Island resort in January 2012, citing a post-GFC tourism downturn and cyclone damage among the causes. White Horse bought the island for a lower-than-expected $12 million later that year, admitting the resort had been through some “very challenging times”.

What has happened to Lindeman Island?

Having owned the island located in the Whitsundays for a decade, China-based White Horse group has decided to sell it with price expectation of more than $20 million. Lindeman, like some of its neighbouring islands in the archipelago, has been closed since January 2012 after being flattened by Cyclone Yasi.

Are there crocodiles on Hinchinbrook Island?

Naturally, where there are barramundi there are crocodiles, and estuarine crocodiles are known to make their home in the waters in and around Hinchinbrook Island so it’s worth brushing up on your croc knowledge before heading out.

What was done about the problem in Port Hinchinbrook?

Council officially took ownership of the Port Hinchinbrook Sewage Treatment Plant on 2 December 2021, and at Local Government Meeting 9 December 2021, Council resolved to progress with the normalisation of the estate based on funding from the State and Federal Governments.

Why did Great Keppel island resort close?

Tower Holdings paid $16.5 million for the famous resort in 2006, before shuttering it in 2008 as the Global Financial Crisis began. When that threw 120 people out of work, initial anger was concentrated at Tower CEO Terry Agnew.

Can you swim on Hinchinbrook Island?

Swimming in the freshwater pool at the base of the falls is a must! George Point 16 On the beach at the southern-most point of the island and easily accessed from Dungeness; this is also the southern drop-off/collection point for Thorsborne Trail walkers.

What happened to Lindeman Island?

Lindeman Island resort was closed on 31 January 2012. On the 27 April 2012 it was purchased by White Horse Holding, a Chinese firm, for $12 million.

Can I take my car to Dunk Island?

Being an offshore island, Dunk Island can only be accessed by boat or ferry. These ferries/water taxis depart from Wongaling Beach and the trip only takes about 10 minutes. Update: Unfortunately the water taxi has stopped operating to Dunk Island as of 2022.

What happened Club Med?

The resort remains closed as renovations continue, but a reopening date has been announced for October 2022 (pushed back by COVID-19 from a hoped-for December 2021 reopening).

What happened to Laguna Quays?

Laguna Quays, which possessed a golf course designed by Greg Norman went bankrupt three years after opening in 1992. It was bought by a Hong Kong company eight years ago.

Can you swim at Hinchinbrook?

Hinchinbrook Island

This is the ideal swimming spot to cool off and take in the breath-taking views on a hot tropical day. Alternatively, you can meander through the tropical rainforest that leads to the magnificent Mulligan Falls.

What is the main problem in Port Hinchinbrook?

Port Hinchinbrook has been plagued with problems since the global financial crisis. It has seen a direct hit from a severe cyclone, two companies go into administration, the marina fill with mud and property prices take a tumble.

Who currently owns Great Keppel Island?

The land is owned by the Queensland government, and the resort lease is still owned by Tower Holdings. Ms Carroll said the lease was incredibly complex, with 60 pages of conditions and many stakeholders involved in the development process.

Did Gina Rinehart buy Keppel Island?

Australia’s wealthiest woman Gina Rinehart has pulled out of the purchase of an approved resort on Great Keppel Island and the transfer of leases from owner Tower Holdings to develop it.

What snakes are on Hinchinbrook Island?

Download this information in .CSV format

Family Scientific Name Common Name
Elapidae Aipysurus duboisii Dubois’s sea snake
Elapidae Demansia psammophis yellow-faced whipsnake
Elapidae Hydrophis stokesii Stokes’s sea snake
Colubridae Dendrelaphis punctulatus green tree snake

What happened to one and only Hayman Island?

One&Only came on board to manage the luxury resort on Hayman Island following the severe damage from Cyclones Yasi and Anthony in 2014, taking over as operators from its independent Hayman brand. But it has now announced it is dropping Hayman Island from its portfolio.

Does China own Hamilton Island?

Hamilton Island was purchased by Australian winemaker Bob Oatley in 2003. Since it’s purchase the island has been transformed into one of the world’s best holiday destinations.

Are there Stingers at Dunk Island?

Like many of the Islands on the inside of the Great Barrier Reef, the best time to visit is between June to August. Exploring Dunk Island at this time of year means no stingers, and warm, predictable weather.

Can you snorkel off Dunk Island?

The highlight of Dunk Island is the three hour walk to the highest point of the island, Mount Kootaloo for spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding island and reef. Enjoy being on island time here as you take it easy and swim in the ocean, snorkel off the beach, set up a picnic or camp under the stars.

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