What height is Per Mertesacker?

What height is Per Mertesacker?

6′ 6″Per Mertesacker / Height

Where is Per Mertesacker now?

Arsenal F.C. Under-23s and AcademyPer Mertesacker / Current team (manager)Arsenal Football Club Academy is the youth system of Arsenal Football Club based in Hale End, London, England. It is often referred to as Hale End eponymously by the club, sports media, and fans. The academy teams play in the Professional Development League, the highest level of youth football in England. Wikipedia

When did Mertesacker retire?

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker has announced he will retire at the end of the 2017-18 season to take charge of the club’s academy. The defender, signed from Werder Bremen in August 2011, played only twice last season because of injuries.

Who is Arsenal academy manager?

manager Per Mertesacker
Arsenal’s academy manager Per Mertesacker has outlined the ‘four pillars’ of development he has set up for the club’s youth players.

Who did Per Mertesacker play for?

Arsenal F.C. Under-23s and AcademyPer Mertesacker / Current team (manager)

Why did Mertesacker retire?

The defender has played just 13 times for the Gunners over the past two seasons, and pointed to physical strains as the reason for his retirement. “My body is finished,” he told German outlet Der Spiegel. “Everyone says I should enjoy the last year, to play as much as possible and take everything in.

What height is Peter Crouch?

6′ 7″Peter Crouch / Height

How tall is Manny Montana?

6′ 1″Manny Montana / Height

How tall is Dan Burn Brighton?

6′ 6″Dan Burn / Height

What height is Virgil van Dijk?

6′ 4″Virgil van Dijk / Height

Is Per Mertesacker retired?

ARSENAL centre-back Per Mertesacker has revealed that this season will be his last, with the 33-year-old to take up a role as an academy coach at the North London club.

How hard is it to get into Arsenal academy?

Arsenal Football Academy use advanced technology and coaching methods to develop their players. They are actively looking for upcoming talent to join their academy, and are very selective about who gets in, as competition is tough.

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