What is an ISO KF flange?

What is an ISO KF flange?

ISO-KF flange vacuum components provide a modular, building block method for creating 0.75 to 4 inch vacuum piping systems. They use standardized dimensions allowing ISO KF fittings or valves of the same size to be interchanged. ISO-KF flanges are also sexless with a symmetrical seal so components can be rotated.

What is CF gasket?

ConFlat (CF) fittings are flanges that use –metal seals to achieve vacuum conditions. The combination of a copper gasket (OFHC) and a stainless steel knife-edge flange makes for an almost impenetrable vacuum barrier.

What is Del seal?

Del Seal 2 is an innovative and new design in seal ring technology. It is a seal ring that provides superior performance and durability compared to Teflon and traditional seal ring materials. It reduces gas permeation and promotes higher dimensional stability for gas measurement equipment.

What is an ASA flange?

ASA (ANSI) vacuum flanges provide a complete range of fittings to mount with tubing sized from 1 to 12 inches in diameter. The flange system consists of two flanges, a sealing ring, and bolt fasteners to compress the seal between the two flanges.

What is ISO LF?

The ISO large flange standard is known as LF, LFB, MF or sometimes just ISO flange. A larger version of the KF (QF) flanges, the flanges are joined by a centering ring with an elastomeric o-ring seal. ISO stainless steel vacuum fittings are for tube sizes ranging from 2-1/2″ through 24″ diameters.

How does a CF flange work?

Bolting the flanges together causes the CF’s knife-edges to deform the gasket. Under plastic flow, the copper fills in the knife-edges’ imperfections and, in doing so, work-hardens—inducing the “springy” characteristics that keep the seal, even as the knife-edges are cycled from – 196° C to 450° C.

What is the difference between ASA and ANSI?

The ASA began to develop partnerships with global organizations, such as the ISO and helped promote U.S. standards internationally. In 1969, the ASA was renamed to ANSI. For the past several decades, ANSI has continued to promote both national and international standards.

What is the ISO KF code for 16 25 40 flanges?

Branching Pieces with lateral DN 16/25/40 ISO-KF Flanges (Stainless Steel 1.4301) Dimensional drawing for the branching pieces with lateral DN 16/25/40 flanges

What are the dimensions of ISO-KF flanges with long weld stub?

ISO-KF Flanges with Long Weld Stub, Standard-Inch Diameters 16 25 40 19.0 (0.75) 25.4 (1.00) 38.1 (1.50) 1.7 (0.07) 1.7 (0.07) 2.1 (0.08) 40.0 (1.58) 40.0 (1.58) 40.0 (1.58) 3/4″ 1″ 1 1/2″ 899 621 899 622 899 624 836Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Full Line Catalog 2015/2016leybold

What is an ISO K clamp flange?

ISO-K Clamp Flange Connection The clamp flange connection (to DIN 28 404 and ISO 1609) allows compo- nents from DN 63 to DN 630 to be connected in any position regardless of the bolt hole arrangement on any fixed flanges.

What is the quantity of spare O-ring gaskets for ISO-F flange connection?

Spare O-Ring Gaskets for ISO-F Flange Connection Technical Data DN ISO-F d mm (in.) s mm (in.) Quantity per set Ordering Information CR Part No. 400 630 800 1000 412 (16.22) 640 (25.20) 820 (32.28) 1023 (40.28) 8 (0.31 8 (0.31 8 (0.31 8 (0.31 1 1 1 1 E210731 E210741 E210746 E210751

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