What is Mpumalanga weather today?

What is Mpumalanga weather today?

Mpumalanga Weather ForecastMpumalanga Weather Forecast

Mpumalanga Weather Today (1–3 days) Mostly dry. Very mild (max 19°C on Sat afternoon, min 3°C on Thu night). Wind will be generally light.
°C Thu 16 Saturday 18
High 12 19
Low 10 15
Chill°C 9 15

What is the weather tomorrow at Limpopo?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Limpopo, South Africa

Day Temperature Weather
Sun Jun 12 67 / 40 °F Sunny.
Mon Jun 13 71 / 42 °F Sunny.
Tue Jun 14 73 / 46 °F Sunny.

Is Mpumalanga cold?

In Mpumalanga, the summers are warm, muggy, and wet; the winters are short, cool, and dry; and it is mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 43°F to 79°F and is rarely below 38°F or above 86°F.

Will it snow in Mpumalanga?

There are currently no active snow events at this location.

Is it raining in Limpopo today?

No rain expected for Polokwane.

Is it going to be hot today in Limpopo?

Limpopo today weather The temperature in Limpopo today at noon time is 71°F and it will feel like 71°F.

Why is it so hot in Limpopo?

The climate in the Limpopo Province is quite hot since the area is bisected by the tropic of Capricorn. Those who choose to visit this northern tip of the country will find that they can enjoy long sunny days and dry weather on most days.

How hot is it in Limpopo?

Limpopo is one of the warmest region in South Africa with an average daily high temperature of 26 degrees centigrade. Several months of the year it is warm to hot at temperatures continuously above 25 degrees centigrade, sometimes up to 29 degrees.

Does Limpopo have snow?

There was also snow in Mpumalanga and Limpopo while light snow fell in the North West.

What is the coldest month in Limpopo?


Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month February (73 °F avg)
Coldest Month July (56 °F avg)
Wettest Month December (4.48″ avg)
Windiest Month October (8 mph avg)

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