What is similar to Lebanon bologna?

What is similar to Lebanon bologna?

Another specific German sausage, Summer Sausage, is thought to be the link to today’s Lebanon Bologna. Summer Sausage had a naturally “tangy” flavor, but when farmers added sweeter ingredients such as brown sugar, it combined sweet and tangy flavors.

Is Lebanon bologna and summer sausage the same thing?

Depending on where you go in Pennsylvania, Lebanon Bologna is still commonly called Summer Sausage, but Summer Sausage is also a popular meat in the Midwest, and similarly, is a lean meat that is smoked and does not require refrigeration.

What is the difference between regular bologna and Lebanon bologna?

While regular bologna can include a mix of chicken, turkey, pork, or beef, truly authentic Lebanon bologna is made solely of beef. Aside from the meat, it also includes a distinct blend of salt, sugar, and spices (which are usually secret and proprietary to each brand).

Is Lebanon bologna the same as salami?

What Is Lebanon Bologna? Lebanon bologna is a type of smoked, fermented, and cured meat that originated in the Pennsylvania Dutch community of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in the 19th century. The sausage has a similar texture and appearance to salami, although it has a darker, reddish pink color.

Is Lebanon bologna a German bologna?

Lebanon bologna dates back to the early 19th century, when immigrant farmers from the Rhineland-Palatinate area of Germany settled in the area and perfected the slow-cured sausage-making of their homeland.

Does Boar’s Head make Lebanon bologna?

Boar’s Head Deli Bologna Lebanon (Regular Sliced)

Does Boars Head make Lebanon bologna?

Who makes the best Lebanon bologna?


Seltzer’s, based in Palmyra, PA, in Lebanon County, is perhaps one of the best-known brands of Lebanon Bologna. Its story began in 1902 with founder Harvey Seltzer, an enterprising butcher who used Old World flavors and techniques to create his signature bologna.

Who makes Lebanon bologna?

Seltzer’s in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, about five minutes from Hershey Park, is the leading producer of Lebanon bologna and has been making it since 1902.

Does Lebanon bologna have pork in it?

That’s where the similarities end, for Lebanon bologna is made with beef instead of pork, and is fermented and also smoked, making it one of the most unique bologna derivatives.

Is sweet bologna the same as Lebanon bologna?

Our Double Smoked Sweet Bologna is what some call the “candy” of Lebanon bologna. It was developed on our 100-year anniversary with some brown sugar to sweeten the spice blend. After our signature 3-day smoke in the smokehouse, it’s cooled and smoked for an additional half day.

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