What is the most popular TV musical?

What is the most popular TV musical?

Glee is probably the most famous example of a musical TV show, as it was a huge success when it premiered first in 2009. The series is set in McKinley High and follows the school’s glee club as they start to enter competitions.

What is the name of a musical TV show set in a high school?


1. Glee (2009–2015) A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club headed by a passionate Spanish teacher.

What TV show has the best story?

Top 10 Tv Series with best storylines

  • Breaking Bad (2008–2013)
  • Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014)
  • Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014)
  • Game of Thrones (2011–2019)
  • Mad Men (2007–2015)
  • White Collar (2009–2014) TV-PG | 40 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama.
  • Dexter (2006–2013) TV-MA | 53 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery.
  • Justified (2010–2015)

What is a musical drama called?

opera – a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes.

What was the first live musical on TV?

The Boys From Boise
Most experts agree that the first original televised musical was The Boys From Boise, broadcast by the DuMont Network on Sept. 28, 1944. It had a score by Sam Medoff and told the story of a troupe of showgirls stranded on an Idaho ranch.

Are there any musicals on Netflix?

Watch Together for Older KidsExplore more

  • Barbie Big City Big Dreams.
  • Country Comfort.
  • Julie and the Phantoms.
  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.
  • The Loud House Movie.
  • Over the Moon.
  • 13: The Musical.
  • Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

How popular is High School Musical The series?

How well is this TV series doing in the United States? Parrot Analytics has found that the audience demand for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is 23.2 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States in the last 30 days. 2.7% of all shows in this market have this level of demand.

What show has a different story every episode?

1 The Twilight Zone
Every episode told a totally different story in various genres from fantasy to science fiction to horror to thriller and more. It became immensely popular and introduced tons of familiar sci-fi tropes still used today in some of your favorite series. The original series ran from 1959 to 1964.

Why are The Sopranos so good?

It heralded a new era of narrative scope, production quality, violence on TV, and serial ambition. Yet out of all its amazing achievements, there are three particular reasons why The Sopranos remains the greatest TV series ever made: its performances, its storytelling, and its legacy.

What is the best song from a musical?

Your Top 20 Greatest Songs From a Musical Revealed!

  1. ‘One Day More’ – Les Misérables.
  2. ‘Bring Him Home’ – Les Misérables.
  3. ‘Defying Gravity’ – Wicked.
  4. ‘This Is Me’ – The Greatest Showman.
  5. ‘Over The Rainbow’ – The Wizard Of Oz.
  6. ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ – Singin’ In The Rain.
  7. ‘Circle Of Life’ – The Lion King.

What are the 7 types of drama?

There are 7 types of drama in literature to bring out the narrative.

These are:

  • Comedy.
  • Farce.
  • Tragedy.
  • Tragi-Comedy.
  • Melodrama.
  • Opera.
  • Musical.

What’s the longest running show on Broadway?

Phantom of the Opera
The curtain will fall on ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ the longest-running Broadway show, after 35 years. The legendary show will celebrate its anniversary in January and then say goodbye at a final performance Feb. 18.

What is considered the best musical of all time?

Here are the results.

  • ‘West Side Story’ The passion and rebellion of West Side Story still lingers today.
  • ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’
  • ‘Les Misérables’
  • ‘Tommy’
  • ‘Cabaret’
  • ‘Rent’
  • ‘The Rocky Horror Show’
  • ‘Hamilton’

Does Disney+ Have musicals?

Here’s a Full List of the Musical Offerings on Disney+, From ‘High School Musical’ to ‘Encanto’ Get your Olivia Rodrigo fill with her ‘driving home 2 u’ film plus ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Why did High School Musical do so well?

High School Musical was an unexpected overnight sensation. Its sequel was even bigger. High School Musical had the basic ingredients every musical needs to succeed — an engaging cast, catchy songs, and a relatable theme. But it also had something perhaps even more crucial: perfect timing.

What is the best High School Musical?


What is a series within a series called?

An anthology series is a radio, television, video game or film series that spans different genres and presents a different story and a different set of characters in each different episode, season, segment, or short.

What is the best anthology?

The 15 Best Anthology TV Series Ranked

  1. The Twilight Zone. CBS Television Distribution.
  2. Inside No. BBC Studios.
  3. Tales from the Crypt. Warner Bros.
  4. Black Mirror. Endemol Shine UK / Netflix.
  5. The Outer Limits. United Artists.
  6. Tales of the Unexpected. Anglia Television.
  7. Night Gallery. Universal Pictures.
  8. Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Is Sopranos still the best show ever?

Is Sopranos the best TV show ever?

So in that respect, it’s pretty hard to determine what is the best TV show ever, however Rolling Stone’s recent ‘100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time’ list has determined that crime drama The Sopranos is the best TV show ever.

What is the most famous musical ever?

5 Most Popular Broadway Musicals Ever

  • The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Cats.
  • Les Misérables.
  • A Chorus Line.
  • Oh! Calcutta.

What is the most famous song from a musical?

Who started drama?

Aeschylus, a playwright, invented what we now call drama when he wrote a play that featured two actors and a chorus, who symbolized the common people or sometimes the gods. Other important Greek playwrights were Sophocles and Euripides.

Which is the first English drama?

The first English tragedy, Gorboduc (1561), by Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton, is a chain of slaughter and revenge written in direct imitation of Seneca.

What is the most popular Broadway show ever?

The Lion King is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time. Since its opening on Nov. 13, 1997, The Lion King has earned $1,539,318,552 and counting.

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