What is Tony Medina known for?

What is Tony Medina known for?

Tony Medina (José Antonio Medina) was a Cuban-born songwriter and writer of popular literature. He is known for the diversity of his musical compositions, which have been recorded by top Latin music artists like Rocio Jurado, Daniela Romo, and Alicia Villareal. His poetry has been published in literary anthologies.

Is Tony Medina African American?

Tony Medina is a poet, scholar, and children’s book author. Born in the South Bronx, Medina earned a BA from Baruch College and an MA and a PhD in African American and American literature and creative writing from the State University of New York, Binghamton.

Where was tony Medina born?

South Bronx, New York, NYTony Medina / Place of birthThe South Bronx is an area of the New York City borough of the Bronx. The area comprises neighborhoods in the southern part of the Bronx, such as Concourse, Mott Haven, Melrose, and Port Morris.
In the early 1900s, the South Bronx was originally known as the Manor of Morrisania, as it was the manor of Lewis Morris. Wikipedia

Who is Tony Medina softball?

Tony is the founder Medina Softball, who offers a weekly schedule of fielding skills clinics in the Los Angeles and Orange County, California area. Tony also take his skills clinics on the road, offering clinics in different locations in the US and Canada, always making a stop in Hawaii.

What are the benefits of poetry?

Everyone can benefit from writing poetry, whether they want to share it or not, because it:

  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Helps heal emotional pain.
  • Leads us to greater self-awareness.
  • Provides a gift of inspiration or education to others.
  • Helps us celebrate!

Is poetry good for the brain?

Poetry boosts memory and encourages self-reflection. Studies have done MRIs that show that poetry causes the part of the brain that activates during daydreaming to light up while reading or listening to poetry. Poetry often sticks with the reader, causing them to re-read and even memorize the words.

Does poetry help with depression?

And the healing benefits of poetry can extend to just about anyone: one study of undergraduate students in Iran found that reading poetry together reduced signs of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Does reading poetry make a difference in your education?

Reading aloud Reading poetry aloud, just like reading other genres aloud, can help children improve their literacy skills. When kids read aloud, they think more deeply about the sound of the words they’re saying and therefore improve their reading skills.

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