What is variscite used for?

What is variscite used for?

Variscite is sometimes used as a semi-precious stone, and is popular for carvings and ornamental use due to its beautiful and intense green color, and is commonly used in silversmithing in place of turquoise.

What chakra is variscite?

It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing unconditional love and understanding to all situations. Variscite helps with past-life exploration and memory. It works on an astral and etheric level for healing via the Central Nervous System and at DNA level.

Is variscite a rare stone?

Sources. While variscites are relatively rare, they occur in many localities across the globe. However, the state of Utah is the principal source of gem-quality material. Fairfield County, Utah produces nodules with rich colors up to 24 inches across mixed with other massive complex phosphates.

What’s the meaning of variscite?

Definition of variscite

: a bluish to greenish gem mineral sometimes confused with or substituted for turquoise.

Is variscite a type of jasper?

Types of Variscite & Similar Gems
Another variscite is impression jasper. Despite the name, impression jasper isn’t jasper but a multi-colored variscite. Vanadium and chromium create green portions, while iron blends in violet or red.

Is variscite a jasper?

Not actually a Jasper at all, Impression jasper is Variscite with chromium and vanadium impurities producing the green colors associated with natural Variscite with traces of iron adding a red or violet coloration.

Is variscite a crystal?

Science & Origin of Variscite
Variscite, also known as Utahlite, is a very rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses and crusts. Rarely does it occur in crystal form, but when it does it is seen in an octahedral shape.

Is variscite a Jasper?

What is variscite worth?

Variscite Stone Price & Value
Cabochons at wholesale range from $0.30-$2 per carat when they’re paler, smaller, dominated by black inclusions, or all three. The price range increases to $18-$60 per carat for heavier cabochons with emerald-green coloring and more attractive patterns like golden-yellow veining.

Is variscite the same as turquoise?

To put it in layman terms, Variscite is a brighter green and typically has less complex matrix than its sister Turquoise. Variscite is usually seen to be on its own- it’s a brighter green color- and we try to identify it as its own mineral.

Is variscite a gemstone?

Variscite is a little-known, intense green gemstone with white or black patterns. The stone is somewhat fragile, so carvings and decor are more common than jewelry.

Is variscite a type of Jasper?

Where is variscite mined?

Variscite occurs in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Congo (Kinshasa), and Australia and in commercially important quantities near Fairfield, Utah, U.S. It also occurs with apatite on islands where phosphatic solutions from guano (seafowl excrement) have altered aluminous igneous rocks.

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