What time does the tide go out in West Wittering?

What time does the tide go out in West Wittering?

7 day tide forecast for West Wittering 2022

Sat Sun Mon
High 4:35am (4.08m) Low 9:34am (1.61m) High 5:02pm (4.04m) Low 9:56pm (1.8m) High 5:37am (3.86m) Low 10:17am (2.01m) High 6:03pm (3.83m) Low 10:52pm (2.16m) High 6:43am (3.7m) Low 11:53am (2.39m) High 7:11pm (3.68m)

Is the tide in or out at East Wittering?

Fri 19 Aug 2022

High 5:30AM 15.2ft
Low 10:53AM 5ft
High 6:01PM 15.3ft
Low 11:23PM 5.9ft

Do you have to book parking at West Wittering beach?

How can I visit West Wittering beach? To visit the beach by car you must pre book a car parking space using the Just Park app or website.

What time is high tide at East Wittering?

Sunrise is at 6:40am and sunset is at 7:12pm.

Today’s tide times for East Wittering: Saturday 17 September 2022.

Tide Time (BST)& Date Height
High Tide 4:33 PM(Sat 17 September) 12.53 ft (3.82 m)

What temperature is the sea in West Wittering?

67 °F.

Today’s West Wittering sea temperature is 67 °F.

How much does it cost to park at West Wittering beach?

How much is it to park at West Wittering Beach?

Season Parking Charge
Mid Season – April and October Weekday 7am to 8.30pm – £5.00 After 3pm – £3.00
Mid Season – April and October Weekend and Bank Holidays 7am to 8.30pm – £7.50 After 3pm – £4.00

How many parking spaces does West Wittering beach have?

Can you park at West Wittering beach? There is just one car park at West Wittering beach itself and if you wish to park in this car park, you will need to pre-book parking for West Wittering beach in advance and then use your reference number in order to access the car park.

Can I park in East Wittering?

The beach at East Wittering is large but all flint rocks, great for walking and watching the waves. There is a large pay and display car park nearby, which is good.

How much does it cost to park at West Wittering?

Can you go to West Wittering beach at night?

Camping and overnight stops are not permitted on the beach, the car park or East Head. There are many campsites located within the village for your use.

Is West Wittering beach always windy?

Setting up our area the kids quickly ran off to start digging in the sand and best of all burying each other in the sand! The downside with West Witterings is it’s always windy!

Are there toilets at West Wittering beach?

Are there toilets at West Wittering beach? The beach has all the facilities that you need including toilets and showers. There is also a beach cafe, an ice cream shop and a refreshment outlet.

Who owns West Wittering beach?

the West Wittering Estate plc
The beach at West Wittering, which is privately owned and managed by the West Wittering Estate plc, has held the status since at least 2003. It is one of 15 beaches in the South East of the country which can fly a blue flag.

Can you walk along the beach from East Wittering to West Wittering?

Yes! You will pass by East Wittering which has a fish stall and ice cream shop right down by the beach as well as a fine array of cafes and shops further down it’s high street. If the tide is in it will be easier to walk on the path at the edge rather than the stones which pile up at the top of the beach.

How much is parking at West Wittering beach?

Which beach is best East or West Wittering?

If you’re looking for a place to bathe, or build sandcastles, then West Wittering main beach is the place to go, but if you feel like walking out to explore a stunning natural environment then East Head is an ideal location. The beach here is very fragile and the sands are constantly shifting.

Is it safe to swim at West Wittering beach?

It’s a very long beach and it has lifeguards covering certain hours and weeks (basically peak times). The safe swimming area is relatively large. Well, it was when we visited.

Is it safe to swim at West Wittering?

What celebrities live in West Wittering?

Notable residents

  • Sarah Ayton, Olympic gold medalist.
  • Michael Ball, actor and singer.
  • Nicholas Lyndhurst, actor.
  • Bevil Mabey (1916-2010), businessman and inventor.
  • Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.
  • Lord Nicholas Gordon Lennox, diplomat and son of the Duke of Richmond.

Does Michael Ball still live in West Wittering?

Michael Ball
He spent much of his childhood in West Wittering, but now is now mainly situated in London.

Can you walk along beach at Bracklesham Bay to West Wittering?

How many cars can park at West Wittering beach?

Which Wittering beach is best?

1. West Wittering Beach. Thee beach is stone free which is great for children, the water is safe and the sand is perfect for sand castles.

Can you walk from East to West Wittering?

over a year ago. Yes you can walk from Bracklesham Bay, best to park in the car park by Billys on the beach and turn right and walk along to first East Wittering 15 – 20 minutes, and then onto West Wittering about another 40 minutes walk. 4 days ago.

Is West Wittering beach water clean?

The quality of the water has been consistently good. The three main beaches, West Wittering, Bracklesham Bay and East Beach, Selsey have been awarded the Solent Water Quality Award in recognition of their consistently good water quality.

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