What were common names in the late 1700s?

What were common names in the late 1700s?

John and Mary were the Number 1 baby names in the 1700s….and in the 1800s and much of the 1900s too. Other top 1700s girl names include Sarah, Jane, Martha, Alice, and Susan. Top 1700s boy names include Thomas, James, Joseph, and Henry.

What are some names from the 1600s?

Total Frequency of this Block
John 1215 (20.3%) Thomas 805 (13.4%) William 786 (13.1%) Richard 534 (8.9%) Robert 372 (6.2%) 3712 (62.0%)
Henry 204 George 172 Edward 169 Nicholas 129 James 114 788 (13.2%)
Francis 86 Christopher 80 Edmund 72 Roger 70 Peter 58 366 (6.1%)
Anthony 54 Ralph 51 Walter 47 Barnard 46 Hugh 46 244 (4.1%)

What were common names in the 1860s?

Top names of the 1880s

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 John Mary
2 William Anna
3 James Emma

What were some popular names in the 1500’s?

So, in the mid-1500s Richard was in the top 50 baptismal names for both boys and girls. Other names commonly used for both boys and girls included Philip, Nicholas, Alexander, James, Gilbert, Aubrey, Reynold, Basil, Eustace, Giles, Edmund and Simon.

What were some common names in the 1500s?

Names Sorted by Frequency

John 233
William 134
Wlliam 1
Thomas 116
Robert 58

What are names from the 1300s?

Men’s Given Names from Early 13th Century England

William 126
Walterus 37
Thomas 36
Thomas 36
Ralph 34

What are names from the 1600s?

What are the most popular baby names?


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  • What are the top baby names?

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    What are good baby names?

    We also saw lots of short and sweet names like Jack , Leo , Isla, and Ayla trending up. Gender-neutral and unisex baby names ( Finley , Tatum ), along with names inspired by nature ( Willow , Ivy , Sage) and pop culture ( Daphne , Chadwick) were some of this year’s biggest baby name trends.

    What is the best name for a baby?

    which looks at the most popular baby names searches across the site to identify which trends are going to take off. At the top of the list for little girls is Emma, replacing Olivia as the former number one. Noah is set to be the most popular choice for boys.

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