Whats the definition of Paragon?

Whats the definition of Paragon?

Definition of paragon

(Entry 1 of 2) : a model of excellence or perfection was a paragon of goodness a paragon of a wife.

Can a person be a paragon?

Meaning of paragon in English. a person or thing that is perfect or has an extremely large amount of a particular good characteristic: In the novel, Constanza is a paragon of virtue.

How do you use Paragon in Word?

If you refer to someone as a paragon, you mean that they are perfect or have a lot of a good quality. …a paragon of neatness, efficiency and reliability. He was not a paragon. He would never be perfect.

What does Paragon beauty mean?

flawless beauty, model of perfect beauty.

What’s another word for Paragon?

1 ideal, standard, epitome, quintessence; example, exemplar, paradigm.

What’s a synonym for Paragon?

paragon. perfect model. perfect type. perfection. person to look up to.

What is a synonym of Paragon?

apotheosis, epitome, exemplar, archetype, beauty, best, champ, champion, crackerjack, cream, criterion, cynosure, essence, gem, ideal, jewel, love, lovely, model, nonesuch.

What is the opposite of a paragon?

Opposite of a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence. flaw. imperfection. worst.

Who is the paragon of love?

actor Grant Gustin
Barry Allen (The Flash)
The character is played by the actor Grant Gustin, who is Earth-1’s version of Barry Allen. He is revealed as the Paragon of Love by Ray Palmer’s device.

Whats the opposite of Paragon?

What is an example of a paragon?

The definition of a paragon is a model of excellence or perfection, or a flawless diamond that weighs at least one hundred carats. An example of paragon is a perfect research paper. Paragon is defined as to compare or be a match for.

What is the best synonym for Paragon?

synonyms for paragon

  • apotheosis.
  • epitome.
  • exemplar.
  • archetype.
  • beauty.
  • best.
  • champ.
  • champion.

What are the 7 paragons?

However, the 7 Paragons are The Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, Batwoman, Martian Manhunter, Ryan Choi and Lex Luthor. Let us take a look at their roles at the time of crisis.

What is the synonym of Paragon?

1 ideal, standard, epitome, quintessence; example, exemplar, paradigm. 2 nonesuch, nonpareil.

Who is the paragon of Love?

read more: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Ending Explained
In “Part Three,” we almost immediately learn the identities of the other three Paragons, thanks for Ray’s Paragon Detector (assist credit goes to Cisco!): The Paragon of Honor is J’onn Jonz (David Harewood). The Paragon of Love is The Flash (Grant Gustin).

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