When did Triple H win the European Championship?

When did Triple H win the European Championship?

Reigns. The British Bulldog defeted Owen Hart in the tournament finals on February 26, 1997 to become the first European Champion. Shawn Michaels won the title from him on September 20, 1997 at One Night Only. Triple H won the belt on December 11, 1997.

Why did WWE get rid of the European title?

Established in 1997 as the “WWF European Championship”, the title incurred a brief hiatus in 1999 due to then-champion Shane McMahon’s desire to retire as an “undefeated champion”.

Who was the last WWF European Champion?

The title was finally retired on July 22, 2002, when WWE Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam defeated European Champion Jeff Hardy to unify the European title into the Intercontinental title. There have been a total of 27 recognized champions who have had a combined 37 official reigns.

When did the European title retire?

April 4, 1999

The European Championship was retired on April 4, 1999, after Shane McMahon defeated X-Pac, but it was then brought back and awarded to Mideon in June of that same year.

Who held the Million Dollar Belt?

Schyster won the WWF Tag Team Championship in 1992, the Million Dollar Championship was abandoned. Ted DiBiase Jr. Ted DiBiase Jr. The title has since been revived on three occasions.


No. Overall reign number
+ Current reign is changing daily

Who held the WWE European Championship?

Champion history

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Crash Holly 1 Won at Rebellion.
William Regal 2 Won on December 4 edition of RAW.
Test 1 Won on January 22 edition of RAW.
Eddie Guerrero 2 Won at WrestleMania X-Seven.

What WWE superstars are European?

5 Best European wrestlers currently in WWE

  • Sheamus.
  • Pete Dunne as NXT UK Champion.
  • Finn Balor.
  • Becky Lynch.
  • Drew McIntyre.

Who most WWE titles?

John Cena
Most total reigns

No. Champion No. of Reigns
1 John Cena 16
3 Triple H 14
Randy Orton
5 Hulk Hogan 12

How much is a real WWE belt worth?

Each one of Millican’s belts is custom-made. The most basic replica belts with three nickel plates and no other adornments cost just under $1,000, but some of the more complex gold-plated designs like those used by WWE can sell for more than $10,000.

Do wrestlers get to keep their belts?

Champions maintain permanent possession of these belts even upon losing their title, with a new belt made when a new champion is crowned.

Does NXT UK still exist?

The brand went on hiatus following the Worlds Collide event on 4 September 2022; in 2023, it will be relaunched as NXT Europe, expanding the brand to include all pan-European countries.

Who has the most losses in WWE history?

So, let’s take a look at the 10 WWE superstars who have lost the most number of matches in WWE History.

  • Dolph Ziggler (1104 losses and counting):
  • Randy Orton (1017 losses and counting):
  • Big Show (910 losses):
  • Cody Rhodes (883 losses):
  • Jack Swagger (838 losses):
  • Triple H (836 losses):
  • Chris Jericho (833 losses):

Who is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time?

1. The Undertaker. The workhorse of the WWE and widely regarded as the greatest wrestler ever produced by the company, The Undertaker has been under contract for the company since the 1990s.

Do wrestlers keep the belts they win?

Who owns the Million Dollar Belt?

Ted DiBiase Jr. Ted DiBiase Jr. The title has since been revived on three occasions.

No. Overall reign number
Days recog. Number of days held recognized by the promotion
Championship change is unrecognized by the promotion

What is the most prestigious WWE title?

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
It is the oldest championship currently active in WWE, and is presented as being the promotion’s most prestigious title, with many matches for the title having headlined pay-per-view events – including WWE’s flagship event WrestleMania.

What is the highest WWE belt?

The WWE Universal Championship is a world heavyweight championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, currently defended on the SmackDown brand division. It is one of two world titles for WWE’s main roster, alongside the WWE Championship on Raw.

Is WWE getting rid of NXT UK?

WWE announced that the NXT UK brand will end soon while announcing plans to launch NXT Europe in 2023. WWE has not announced when NXT Europe will begin in terms of a specific date.

Who is the longest reigning NXT UK champion?

The inaugural, record two-time, and final champion Tyler Bate (shown here winning the first United Kingdom Championship Tournament). Longest reigning champion Walter, who held the title for 870 days, which is the longest WWE championship reign since 1988.

What is the longest undefeated streak in WWE?

The longest title reign in history of WWE belonged to Bruno Sammartino from the 1960s to the 1970s and he was champion for almost 8 years which is unheard of during this time.

Who has the best win ratio in WWE?

Gunther has the best win percentage in WWE at the moment. The Ring general has a win percentage of 85.35 at the moment. Veer Mahaan comes in second on the list and has an impressive win percentage of 82.45%. It is still early days for the Indian superstar but he could take the top spot if he can carry the momentum.

Who is No 1 wrestler of world?

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Career: Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the most popular wrestler ever to lace up a pair of boots and his status as a first-ballot Hall of Famer is justified by his many World title reigns and his role in the eventual victory of the WWF in the Monday Night Wars.

Who is the No 1 legend in WWE?

Shawn Michaels- The Heartbreak Kid has been around for many years now, and has seen and done it all in the WWE. He has won four World Titles, four Tag Titles, and three Intercontinental Titles.

Why did WWE get rid of the Big Gold Belt?

The Big Gold Belt left with Flair due to a dispute with WCW Vice President Jim Herd in which Herd refused to return Flair’s $25,000 deposit, a deposit per regulations that was required of reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champions and was to be returned after the conclusion of their reigns.

Is WWE belt real gold?

According to Vince McMahon, this belt is a combination of “The new and old”. Are WWE belts real gold? Here’s your answer to that – Each Champion is handed two belts. One is made of gold, which the Superstar keeps at home, while the other – which is dipped in gold – is the one that the wrestlers travel with.

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