Where are Charles Owen hats made?

Where are Charles Owen hats made?

Wrexham, North Wales
Handmade In The UK Every Charles Owen helmet is handmade at an award winning, state of the art, purpose-built factory in Wrexham, North Wales.

What is a jockey skull?

A jockey skull cap is a type of horse riding hat designed for use in the most extreme equestrian sports. The Jockey Skull Cap characteristically has an even round or elliptical shape, with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, and has no peak or peak type extensions.

What is a jockeys hat called?

A skull cap or jockey cap is a riding hat with no peak traditionally worn by jockeys but now a popular riding hat amongst leisure horse riders and competitors in other equestrian sports also.

What are Charles Owen helmets made of?

Charles Owen makes the majority of its helmet shells out of fiberglass with a few more basic models from injection molded plastic.

What is a jockey cap called?

Why do riding hats have peaks?

A couple of our riding helmets come with a wide peak option. A wider brim or peak provides superior shade and is a great feature for protecting your face and neck from the sun (or rain!). Some riders also like the elegant look of a wide peak.

Do jockeys wear hats?

A jockey’s cap is the headgear worn by a jockey in the sport of horse racing. The modern jockey’s cap forms part of a jockey’s “silks” or racing colours and is worn over a protective equestrian helmet.

How do you store a riding hat?

And store it properly. When you’re not riding keep your helmet safe by storing it in a cool dry place, ideally in a special helmet bag. If it’s wet after a ride, leave it out to dry fully before putting it away to avoid mould and rust. Never leave a riding helmet in a hot car or in direct sunlight.

Who owns Charles Owen?

The company has remained within the same family for four generations, today under the direction of founder Charles Owen’s great-grandson.

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