Where do I find general white in Paper Mario?

Where do I find general white in Paper Mario?

As a leader of the Bob-ombs, General White remains as a rare type of Bob-omb because of his white color. His actual home is in Fahr Outpost with other Bob-ombs.

Where can I find general white?

General White

  • Either Kroop or the Koopa Troopa in front of the inn at Petalburg.
  • Pa-Patch in Keelhaul Key.
  • Podler in Glitzville.
  • The Puni at the entrance of the Great Tree.
  • The Twilighter in front of the inn at Twilight Town.

Where are GoldBob and general white?

In order to use the cannon Mario must find Gold Bob and General White. GoldBob can be found in front of the train station in Posheville. Speak to him and agree to give up all of Mario’s money. Goldbob will be impressed with Mario’s dedication and give him the guide to work the cannon and return the cash.

What was the treasure in Paper Mario TTYD?

During the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the so-called “treasure” that had been spread in rumors is revealed the Shadow Queen herself, but the ending actually shows that there was another treasure behind it: a near-useless Dried Shroom, which could have been a much more powerful mushroom in the past …

How do you get to Chapter 7 in Paper Mario?

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice Your help is needed in Shiver City, and to get there you have to travel deep into the sewers of Toad Town. The door is very close to where you found the Ultra Boots. Near the spikes you used Lakilester to float over is a door — just below it to the right.

How do you get MS MOWZ Paper Mario?

In Super Paper Mario, Ms. Mowz is a Catch Card won by winning the Duel of 100 in Sammer’s Kingdom.

What do you do with a Creepy Steeple?

Creepy Steeple Jump into the well in front of the gate to enter an area with a shine sprite. Go to the right and kill a bunch of enimies in this room is the tornado jump badge. Use the spring to jump back up and roll under the front gate of the steeple using Mario’s paper role.

Who is the real Bombette?

Bombette is one of Mario’s partners that appears in Paper Mario, and the third party member encountered in the game. She is a pink Bob-omb (most likely a Bob-omb Buddy) with a ponytail-shaped fuse and a white turn knob with no holes.

How many boos came out of the box?

200 Boos
The Creepy Steeple Boo is a Boo from Creepy Steeple in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the Boo that asks Mario “How many Boos just came out?” after Mario frees the 200 Boos from Creepy Steeple.

How do you find the Herringway?

There is a red spring there which will catapult Mario outside onto the roof. From the roof you’ll be able to jump on top of Herringway’s roof, which is off to the left. Climb down through his chimney where you will find Herringway in his secret room.

How do you get to shiver in Paper Mario?

When Mario and his partners go through Toad Town Tunnels, they arrive at a place where Mario must do Tornado Jumps to reveal some Hidden Blocks. With the help of these blocks, they are able to reach the blue door to a frozen pipe, which leads to Shiver City.

What is the color of the block you can break?

List of questions and answers

# Question Answer 1
2 What is the color of the block you can break with the first Hammer you got? Red
3 What ability does Goombario frequently use? Jump
4 What color of pants was the Goomba King wearing? Blue and White
5 Which of Mario’s battle commands is on the far left? Jump

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