Which version of Sweet Dreams is the original?

Which version of Sweet Dreams is the original?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. “Sweet Dreams” or “Sweet Dreams (of You)” is a country ballad, which was written by Don Gibson. Gibson originally recorded the song in 1955; his version hit the top ten of Billboard’s country chart, but was eclipsed by the success of a competing version by Faron Young.

What genre is Sweet Dreams by La Bouche?

Eurodance hi-NRG
Sweet Dreams (La Bouche song)

“Sweet Dreams”
Genre Eurodance hi-NRG
Length 3:23 (Radio version) 4:50 (Club version)
Label RCA
Songwriter(s) Robert Haynes Mehmet Sönmez Melanie Thornton

What movie has Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson?

The song appears in the 2013 premiere episode of The Following. The song appears at a twist in the 2015 film A Perfect Day.

Did Marilyn Manson make Sweet Dreams?

The track became the band’s first legitimate hit.

Marilyn Manson cover.

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”
Length 4:25 (single edit) 4:53 (album version)
Label Nothing Interscope
Songwriter(s) Annie Lennox David A. Stewart
Producer(s) Marilyn Manson Trent Reznor

How many versions of Sweet dreams are there?

But no song ever became more immensely ubiquitous, beloved, covered and iconic than their first real song as a duo, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” It has been covered on records 182 different times, and that includes only official releases.

What is the Eurythmics most famous song?

Top 10 Eurythmics Songs

  • # 8 – Right By Your Side.
  • # 7 – Who’s That Girl?
  • # 6 – Love Is A Stranger.
  • # 5 – Missionary Man.
  • # 4 – Here Comes The Rain Again.
  • # 3 – There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)
  • # 2 – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
  • # 1 – Would I Lie To You.

What is Le Bouche in English?

Noun (1) Middle English, from Middle French, literally, mouth, from Latin bucca cheek, mouth.

How do you pronounce la bouche?

How to pronounce ‘La bouche’ (Mouth) in French? – YouTube

How many versions of Sweet Dreams are there?

What is Marilyn Manson’s biggest hit?

1. Coma White (Mechanical Animals, 1998)

Can you say Sweet Dreams to a friend?

Wishing someone “sweet dreams” is a good night text that you can use right from the beginning. “Sweet dreams” is a good night text for her or him. It’s relatively benign by itself, but later on, the relationship can be combined with a pet name or “I love you” to make it more emotional and personal.

What is a synonym for Sweet Dreams?

Synonyms for Sweet dreams

  • sleep tight. int.
  • sleep well.
  • good night. n. & int.
  • goodnight. int.
  • have a good sleep.
  • nighty night.
  • night night.
  • night-night.

Is Eurythmics a real word?


A system of music education developed by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, in which body movements are used to develop awareness of rhythm and musical form. eu·ryth′mic adj.

Are the Eurythmics a one hit wonder?

Striking And Soulful
But fashion with nothing to back it up is just wallpaper, and their musical invention and very soulful vocals against the backdrop of electronic-based pop music was something new. That mix would go a long way in Eurythmics being more than a one-hit wonder in the ’80s.

What is a Moosh Boosh?

amuse-bouche • \AH-mooz-BOOSH\ • noun. : a small complimentary appetizer offered at some restaurants.

What is Bonne Bouche?

Definition of bonne bouche
: good mouth(ful) : a tasty morsel : a treat.

What does La Bouche?

Middle English, from Middle French, literally, mouth, from Latin bucca cheek, mouth.

What is Ferme la bouche?

fermer la bouche [v] close one’s mouth.

What is Marilyn Manson’s darkest song?

No Reflection

“No Reflection”
Length 4:36 (album version) 3:31 (radio edit)
Label Cooking Vinyl Hell, etc.
Songwriter(s) Marilyn Manson Twiggy Ramirez Chris Vrenna
Producer(s) Marilyn Manson

What is Marilyn Manson’s favorite song?

You’d also be wrong. Marilyn Manson recently partook in the Music Ruined My Life segment of BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show With Daniel P Carter where he tells Carter his favorite song is “The Speed Of Pain” from his 1998 album Mechanical Animals.

What can I say instead of sweet dreams?

Using Words As A Cute Way To Say Goodnight

  • I love you more.
  • Always kiss me goodnight.
  • Goodnight; I’ll sleep with you in my heart.
  • Goodnight; I’ll meet you in my dreams.
  • Goodnight, sweetheart.
  • Love you to the moon and back.

What is a unique way to say good night?

Funny ways to say Good night:
Sleep snug as a bug in a rug! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Go to bed, you sleepy head! Let’s start counting the sleeps.

How do British people say good night?

Nos Da – Good Night.

What does eurythmy mean?

: a system of harmonious body movement to the rhythm of spoken words.

What is a Eurythmics?

eurythmics, also spelled eurhythmics, French rythmique, harmonious bodily movement as a form of artistic expression—specifically, the Dalcroze system of musical education in which bodily movements are used to represent musical rhythms.

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