Who is the best stunt biker?

Who is the best stunt biker?

6 of the World’s Awesomest Stunt Riders

  • Travis Pastrana – United States.
  • Mike Jensen – Denmark.
  • Robbie Maddison – Australia.
  • Aaron Colton – United States.
  • Brian Deegan – United States.

What happened to Jason Britton?

“Being a professional stunt rider is glamorous and awesome and cool—until you crash.” These are the words of professional sportbike freestyle rider Jason Britton, who hit a wall, literally, and came into DISC Sports & Spine Center with intense pain akin to fireworks from an injured disc in his neck.

What does stunter mean?

stunter. one who stunts growth.

What does stunner mean in slang?

an extremely attractive person
A stunner is an extremely attractive person. [informal] Synonyms: beauty, looker [informal], lovely [slang], dish [informal] More Synonyms of stunner.

How do you pull a wheelie?


  1. Put the bike into a medium or low gear and begin at rolling speed.
  2. Crouch your upper body so your weight is over the handlebars.
  3. Turn the cranks to the 11:00 position.
  4. Pedal down and pull up on the handlebars simultaneously.
  5. Immediately lean back – as if you were in a rocking chair – and continue pedaling.

How do you look good on a motorcycle?

5 Tips to look cool while riding a motorcycle

  1. 1- Wear a classy helmet.
  2. 2- Wear layers to look cool in every situation.
  3. 3- Motorcycle Boots are important too.
  4. 4- Add a pair of motorcycle gloves.
  5. 5- Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  6. Conclusion.

What is the fastest wheelie?

213.309mph is the NEW world record set in the UK! The world record for fastest speed in a wheelie has been shattered by Dutch rider (and perfectly named for the event) Egbert Van Popta after an amazing 213mph+ run at the Straightliners Event at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

Can you call a guy a stunner?

A stunner is an extremely attractive person.

What are the biggest street gangs in California?

– Asian Boyz – Grape Street Watts Crips – Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips – Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips – Sons of Samoa – Tongan Crip Gang – Venice Shoreline Crips

Are biker gangs the same as street gangs?

This is one area where motorcycle gangs might differ from street gangs. “They’re not going to take a complete loser, while a street gang very likely would,” he said. How they differ from street gangs. Another way motorcycle gangs are different from street gangs is how people are admitted into the gang and how they operate.

How to join an outlaw biker gang?

– You must be male, and White, regarding ethnicity. No exceptions. – You must ride a large-displaement Harley-Davidson motorcycle. No exceptions. – You may not be, or have been, a law enforcement officer of any kind.

How many teens join gangs in California?

gangs were present at their school decreased from 20 to 11 percent. The percentage who reported gangs were present at their school was also lower in 2015 than in 2013 (12 percent; figure 8.1 and table 8.1). Figure 8.1. Percentage of students ages 12–18 who reported that gangs were present at school during the school year, by

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