Who voiced Joseph Gribble?

Who voiced Joseph Gribble?

Breckin MeyerJoseph Gribble / Voiced by
Joseph John Gribble (voiced by Brittany Murphy in 1997–2000, Breckin Meyer in 2000–2009) – Dale and Nancy’s 13-year-old son and one of Bobby’s best friends.

Who replaced Luanne on King of the Hill?

“Clueless” star Brittany Murphy was part of the cast of “King of the Hill” from the very beginning, voicing Hank and Peggy’s live-in niece Luanne Platter, as well as Dale’s son Joseph for the first four seasons; when Joseph goes through puberty in Season 5, Murphy’s “Clueless” boyfriend Breckin Meyer took over the role …

Does Dale ever find out Joseph isn’t his son?

Dale Gribble knew Joseph wasn’t his son, literally so in an episode after realizing he was out of town during his son’s conception.

Does Dale ever find out about Nancy and John Redcorn?

In “Sug Night”, Dale finds out that Hank had a “sex dream” about Nancy from John Redcorn, saying, “John Redcorn is a true friend.” John Redcorn is furious and screams at Hank and Dale attempts to attack Hank.

Who was the voice of Luanne Platter?

Brittany MurphyLuanne Platter / Voiced by

What caused the Mega Lo Mart explosion?

The accident was actually caused by a propane tank activated carelessly by Buckley, Luanne Platter’s then-boyfriend and Hank’s manager, a result of Buckley’s refusing to listen to Hank’s safety advice of not dragging propane tanks across the floor by the handle (Ironically, however, due to his known hatred of the Mega …

Who voices Nancy Gribble?

Ashley GardnerNancy Hicks Gribble / Voiced by

Does Dale ever realize Joseph is not his son?

Dale Gribble knew Joseph wasn’t his son, literally so in an episode after realizing he was out of town during his son’s conception. Although, to be fair, he believes Nancy got impregnated by aliens.

What is the name of the propane company in King of Hill?

Strickland Propane is a fictional propane and propane accessories supplier in the animated series King of the Hill. Buck Strickland runs the company, headquartered at 135 Los Gatos Road in Arlen, Texas, though he delegates most of the day-to-day responsibilities to his 41-time employee of the month, senior assistant manager Hank Hill.

What episode of King of the hill is the propane boom?

“King of the Hill” Propane Boom (TV Episode 1998) – IMDb Propane Boom: Directed by Gary McCarver, Wesley Archer. With Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy. Buck Strickland is forced to close the Arlen branch of Strickland Propane after the local Mega Lo Mart begins selling propane at a lower price.

Is Max Kimlin a King of the Hill fan?

Max Kimlin, owner of Kimlin Propane in Gardiner, New York: I’m a fan of King of the Hill, actually. For the longest time I hadn’t seen it, but everyone would always make jokes about it to me, so recently I finally watched several of the seasons.

Is a king of the hill revival coming?

Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are collaborating on a revival of their popular animated sitcom King of the Hill. Here is what we know so far. A revival of the animated comedy series King of the Hill is set to arrive sometime in the near future.

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