Who was Jean-Baptiste Colbert and what did he do?

Who was Jean-Baptiste Colbert and what did he do?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Comptroller-General of Finances under Louis XIV, held almost all of the great offices of state over the course of his career. Considered an accomplished manager, he was responsible for developing trade, industry and the merchant navy, modernising Paris, and backing new advances in the sciences.

Why do you think Louis XIV believed he needed such a large and luxurious palace explain what practical and symbolic purposes Versailles might have served?

The palace of Versailles was a symbol to the people of wealth and how much power Louis XIV had in Europe. The practical purpose that Louis XIV had when it came to making the palace was just to show off to the people and show how much control he had over the economy and what he could do with the money.

How did Colbert protect French industries?

Colbert encouraged foreign workers to bring their trade skills to France. He gave privileges to a number of private industries and founded state manufactures.

What did Louis do that slowed France’s economic progress?

After Colbert’s death, Louis announced a policy that slowed France’s economic progress. In 1685, he canceled the Edict of Nantes, which protected the religious freedom of Huguenots. In response, thousands of Huguenot artisans and business people fled the country.

What was the main reason monarchs like King Louis XIV of France spent extravagant amounts of money on music?

According to the tradition of the French kings, Louis XIV liked to act as a generous patron and supporter of artists – with the ulterior motive of immortalizing himself in paintings and compositions.

What was a declaration of religious tolerance issued by Henry IV and canceled by Louis XIV?

Edict of Nantes, French Édit de Nantes, law promulgated at Nantes in Brittany on April 13, 1598, by Henry IV of France, which granted a large measure of religious liberty to his Protestant subjects, the Huguenots.

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