Can I use my EBT card in Massachusetts?

Can I use my EBT card in Massachusetts?

You have a right to use your SNAP in all 50 states. SNAP is a federal program that is “interoperable” between states.

Is Massachusetts still doing pandemic EBT?

Boston — Today, the Baker-Polito Administration announced that Massachusetts received federal approval to provide Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits to school-age children and their families through school year 2021-2022.

How do I reset my DTA?

Take the DTA remote and aim at the box, press and hold the INFO button (bottom right on the remote) this will take the DTA into Diag mode. From here press 1379 on the remote, when entered correctly it will reboot the DTA.

Who accepts EBT cards in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents who receive SNAP benefits can use their EBT card to buy food online from Amazon, BJs, Daily Table, Stop & Shop, and Walmart, as well as ALDI, Hannaford, McKinnon’s Supermarkets, Price Chopper, Price Rite Marketplace, Stop & Shop and Wegmans via Instacart.

What fast food restaurants accept EBT in Massachusetts?

Restaurants that accept EBT include:

  • Burger King.
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Church’s Chicken.
  • Del Taco.
  • Denny’s.
  • Domino’s Pizza.
  • Great Steaks.
  • Jamba Juice.

Can you use EBT at Subway in Massachusetts?

No, Subway doesn’t accept EBT online. Also, the Subway app doesn’t accept EBT payments. It only takes EBT payments for in-store purchases. That means you won’t be able to order a sandwich or salad online or via the company’s app with your EBT card.

Can you get Subway with EBT in Massachusetts?

If you qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, you can use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card at participating Subway restaurants. However, Subway only accepts EBT payments in states that participate in the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP).

Do I have to pay back my child’s P-EBT food benefits in NY during COVID-19?

A detailed list of food items that may be purchased with food benefits can be found at Will I need to pay back my child/children’s P-EBT food benefits? No. Families who receive P-EBT food benefits will not have to pay back the benefits.

How do I contact the DTA in Massachusetts?

To apply or for more information, families can contact their local DTA office to set up an appointment or call the DTA at 1-877-382-2363.

How do I check my mass DTA balance online?

Get your balance by looking at your last receipt, logging on to DTA Connect, DTA’s mobile application at www. mass. gov/DTAConnect or by calling 1-800-997-2555. 2.

What stores in mass accept EBT cards?

– Fruits and vegetables; – Meat, poultry, and fish; – Dairy products; – Bread and cereals; – Non-alcoholic beverages

What states take EBT cards?

A&W Restaurants

  • Arby’s
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Chipotle
  • Cinnabon
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Five Guys
  • Hardee’s
  • What restaurants except EBT card?

    – KFC – Pizza Hut – Taco Bell

    How do you get EBT?

    The best way to check is to use the Walgreens store locator to identify your nearest store, and use the contact details provided to get in touch and check if WIC or food stamps are accepted at

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