Did Lex Barker play Tarzan?

Did Lex Barker play Tarzan?

Lex Barker, the 10th actor to play the role of Tarzan in Hollywood films, collapsed and died yesterday. Mr. Barker, who was 53 years old, was found unconscious on Lexington Avenue near 61st Street about midday.

What nationality was Lex Barker?

AmericanLex Barker / Nationality

How many Tarzan movies did Lex Barker make?

Gordon Scott’s Tarzan portrayal’s number at 6 movies, it seems Gordon’s Tarzan is everybody’s runner up to Wiesmuller. I submit to you if you can stomache the thousands of “Ungawa’s” in the 12 wiesmuller films and still be a fan you will have no problem at all excepting Lex Barker’s 5 offering’s as Tarzan.

Who was Lex Barker married to?

Carmen Cerveram. 1965
Irene Labhartm. 1957–1962Lana Turnerm. 1953–1957Arlene Dahlm. 1951–1952Constanze Thurlowm. 1942–1950
Lex Barker/Spouse

Who played the second Tarzan?

Who Played Tarzan, and When

Actor Film or Television Show Year
Ron Ely Tarzan (TV) 1966-68
Miles O’Keefe Tarzan the Ape Man 1981
Christopher Lambert Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 1984
Joe Lara Tarzan in Manhattan (TV movie) and Tarzan the Epic Adventures 1984 and 1996

Who played the very first Tarzan?

Elmo Lincoln
The very first Tarzan, of 19 actors to play the role in movies and TV, was Elmo Lincoln in 1918.

Who is Lana Turner’s daughter?

Cheryl CraneLana Turner / Daughter

Is Lex Barker dead?

May 11, 1973Lex Barker / Date of death

Who played Tarzan in 2000s?

Who Played Tarzan, and When

Actor Film or Television Show Year
Wolf Larson Tarzan (TV) 1991-94
Casper Van Dien Tarzan and the Lost City 1998
Travis Fimmel Tarzan (TV) 2003
Alexander Skarsgard The Legend of Tarzan 2016

When was Lex Barker born?

May 8, 1919Lex Barker / Date of birth

What was Lana Turner’s cause of death?

Oropharyngeal cancerLana Turner / Cause of deathOropharyngeal cancer, also known as oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma and tonsil cancer, is a disease in which abnormal cells with the potential to both grow locally and spread to other parts of Wikipedia

Is Lex Barker the new Tarzan?

Lex Barker is back as a Johnny Weissmuller’s replacement as the new Tarzan and has a better than expected outing in this long running (and by this point rather played out) franchise.

How many Tarzan movies did John Barker make?

Barker made only five Tarzan films, but he remains one of the actors best known for the role. His stardom as Tarzan led him to a variety of heroic roles in other films, primarily Westerns, and one interesting (and quite non-heroic) part in a World War II film, Away All Boats (1956).

Who are the actors in the movie Tarzan?

– Tarzan Actors with guests Johnny Weismuller, Buster Crabbe, Ron Ely, Jock Mahoney, Lex Barker, James Pierce, Gardner McKay (1971) Self – 1969 (I) (1969) Self

Who was Lex Barker?

Lex Barker (I) (1919–1973) Barker was a direct descendant of the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, and of Sir ‘William Henry Crichlow’, historical governor general of Barbados.


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