Does Yasuo q cooldown scale with attack speed?

Does Yasuo q cooldown scale with attack speed?

At max rank, the minimum cooldown is 1.33 seconds (1.4 attack speed). Yasuo’s 4% attack speed per level is factored into Steel Tempest’s cooldown reduction and cast time reduction.

What is Yasuo’s pick rate?


Bans: 163 (103/60)
Picks: 150 (48/102)
Presence: 4.2%
Win rate: 74W – 76L 49.3%

Does Yone Q scale with attack speed?

Both Yone’s Q and W cooldowns scale with his bonus attack speed, and his passive makes critical strike chance particular efficient, so prioritising those stats in the early game is a must.

How do you counter Yasuo?

How to play against Yasuo

  1. Manage the minion wave.
  2. Be aware of his synergies with his allies.
  3. Avoid team fighting in the jungle or around objectives.
  4. Abuse your range advantage.
  5. Bait out his Wind Wall.
  6. Choose a counter pick.

Is Yasuo strong right now?

Is Yasuo Good Right Now? Ranking as the #4 Best Pick In the Mid Lane role for patch 12.10, placing it within our A-Tier Rank. A good pick for ranking up in solo queue, regarding difficulty, this is a hard to play champion for new players in league of legends.

Why is Yasuo called Unforgiven?

Biography. Yasuo often believed what the others in his village said of him: on the best days, his very existence was an error in judgement; on the worst, he was a mistake that could never be undone.

How much CDR does Yasuo’s Q get from cooldown reduction?

The cooldown and cast time of Steel Tempest is reduced based on Yasuo’s bonus attack speed and unaffected by cooldown reduction. If Yasuo’s Q is based on attack speed, how much CDR does Yasuo’s Q get from that? Show activity on this post. Steel Tempest cooldown is reduced by 1% for every 1.72% bonus attack speed.

What’s new with Yasuo?

New Effect: Bonus armor penetration only applies to Yasuo’s critical strikes. Bug Fix: Yasuo dealing a basic attack’s worth of extra damage when casting. Bug Fix: First basic attack after casting being delayed if critically striking.

How hard is it to play as Yasuo?

His mastery level is sky high, and even the best Yasuo players make mistakes. It’ll take time to get used to his playstyle, just keep trying. Ignite meshes very well with Yasuo’s constant pressure.

How to deal with Yasuo jungle?

Also, try engaging when either his W or E are down during lane as these abilities have very long CD’s early. A Yasuo player can play this match up 10 times and only win one out of the ten games with jungle help.

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