How can I check my BPUT certificate?

How can I check my BPUT certificate?

To get BPUT TRANSCRIPT ,First fill the bput transcript application form, then pay the bput transcript fees through online & verify it from college or Institution where you studied ,after signed from college submit the bput transcript form at University. then university will take time to get the BPUT TRANSCRIPT .

How can I download my BPUT result?

Latest: BPUT has releasedOdd Sem (2nd Phase) Off-Line Exam Results 2021-22.

Visit the official BPUT website,

  1. Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) official page will open.
  2. Select Examination and click on Result.
  3. Student Result summary page will display.

How can I download BPUT admit card?

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Steps to Download Hall Ticket 2022

  1. Log-on to official website of BPUT, i.e.
  2. When BPUT homepage open completely, click on Admit Card link.
  3. Download the BPUT Admit Card PDF.

What is the total marks in B Tech?

A student shall register for all the 176 credits and earn all the 176 credits. Marks obtained in all the 176 credits shall be considered for the award of the class based on CGPA. v.

How can I get Bput registration certificate?

Instructions : (i) Application shall be forwarded by the Principal / Director of the respective college specifying the corrected name. (ii) The application shall be enclosed with the attested copies of the HSC and CHSC certificate. (iii) Original Degree Certificate with Wrong Name. (iv) Fees of Rs.

How can I get original Marksheet from Bput?

Go to BPUT office rourkela with your ID proof (Show if they Demand).

  1. Fill transcript form and mention number of set of transctipt required.
  2. Write an application requesting for transcript with detailed reason.
  3. Get these two forms signed and sealed by your college.

How can I get BPUT registration certificate?

How can I get my original degree certificate from BPUT?

Visit BPUT office,talk to the registrar.
Steps to follow:

  1. Go to police station and Get a FIR stating that your Degree Certificate/or whatsoever has lost.
  2. Create account in aaplesarkar website.
  3. Login to the aaplesarkar website.
  4. Go to the Technical Education section and Apply for a new Duplicate Degree certificate.

How do I get a BPUT registration card?

Instructions : (i) Fees of Rs. 100/- in shape of Demand draft in favour of Biju Patnaik University of Technology payable at Rourkela is to be attached. (ii) Application shall be forwarded by the Principal / Director of the respective college specifying the reason / purpose for issuance of the Certificate.

What is year back in BPUT?

It was decided that in the first year, at the end of the second semester, if a student secures a CGPA score of 4.50 or more, he would go to second year regardless of the number of failed subjects. However, if the CGPA is less than 4.50, he has to leave BPUT and would be allowed to join as a fresh first year student.

What if I fail in BTech?

If you failed in few or all subjects in any semester during your B. tech then you have fill the special exam of that semester and it will provide you a chance to clear your paper.

Can we do BTech 2 times?

No,you cannot have two B. Tech degrees at the same time, and after completing a B. Tech graduation you will not be eligible for the another B.

How can I get my Bput migration certificate online?

You need your original registration card provided by Bput, you can obtain it by logging into your student account on Bput home page. For ID & Password contact your college. Download your registration card & take a print out. Submit the above printouts along with the application & take the approval of your principal.

How do I get my transcript from Bput?

Process Of BPUT University To Receive Transcripts :

  1. You have to fill a form of transcript based on your course.
  2. Then you have to make the payment which is a bit complicated which in volves per marksheet costing.
  3. The charges include ₹400 per document.
  4. The university ask for transcripts form charges.

How do I get a Bput registration card?

How do I download a degree certificate from DigiLocker?

How to get your Awards

  1. Create your DigiLocker Account. Register using a mobile number or Aadhaar on DigiLocker ( or install the mobile app from the play store/apple store.
  2. Select Board/ University/Institution.
  3. Enter requisite. details.
  4. Pull academic. awards.

How can I get original Marksheet from BPUT?

What is NFT in Bput?

12: Students today barged into the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) camp office at Gandamunda and locked up the gates, demanding abolition of NFT (not fit for technical education) criteria from the varsity’s regulation. The criteria are an effort to weed out students, who fail, despite repeated attempts.

What is E grade in Bput?

What is the CGPA in a percentage conversion formula in BPUT? 90 to 100 marks — O Grade — 10 point. 80 to 89 marks — E Grade — 9 point. 70 to 79 marks — A Grade — 8 point. 60 to 69 marks — B Grade — 7 point.

Can I do BTech twice?

No,you cannot have two B. Tech degrees at the same time, and after completing a B. Tech graduation you will not be eligible for the another B. Tech degree because of the age limit and year of passing 12th class.

What percentage is good in BTech?

Throughout 70% marks is good enough to be eligible for any type of competitive examinations either in government sectors or in private sectors. So you need not to worry about that if you are scoring 70%.

Can I complete BTech in 3 years?

BTech is commonly a 4 year programme with one year of industrial internship and a 4th year capstone design project. The MTech programme is a two year programme. The core of these degrees is the study and practical application of technologies in various fields of study. It cannot be completed in three years.

How can I get my original degree certificate from Bput?

What is transcript certificate?

A transcript is a detailed record of your marks or grades that has been generated by your current or former university. Usually this will be a document, either on paper or online, with a list or table of the individual modules, papers or courses you have completed with a numerical and/or letter grade against each.

Can I get my degree certificate online?

Can I get a digital version of my degree certificate so I can get it quicker? Unfortunately, all degree certificates are only available as paper hard copies, which can only be posted.

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