How did Virginia vote in the 2012 election?

How did Virginia vote in the 2012 election?

Elected President

Virginia was won by Obama with 51.16% of the vote to Romney’s 47.28%, a 3.88% margin of victory. Third parties and write-ins received a cumulative 60,147 votes, representing 1.56% of the vote.

What were the results of the 2012 presidential election?

Obama won 332 electoral votes and 51.1% of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 206 electoral votes and 47.2%.

How did West Virginia vote in 2012?

Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama in the state of West Virginia by a landslide 26.76-point margin. The Republican ticket took 62.30% of the vote to the Democratic ticket’s 35.54%, sweeping every county in the state.

Was Virginia Republican or Democratic?

The state went Republican in 11 out of 12 presidential elections from 1948 to 2004, including 10 in a row from 1968 to 2004.

Who won Virginia in 2004?

Voters chose 13 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. Virginia was won by incumbent President George W. Bush by an 8.20% margin of victory. Prior to the election, all 12 news organizations considered this a state Bush would win, or otherwise a red state.

How many states did Obama win 2008?

Super Tuesday ended up leaving the Democrats in a virtual tie, with Obama amassing 847 delegates to Clinton’s 834 from the 23 states that held Democratic primaries.

Who went against Obama in 2008?

On November 4, 2008, Obama defeated the Republican nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona, making him the President-elect and the first African American elected President. He was the third sitting U.S. Senator, after Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy, to be elected president.

Who won West Virginia in 2008?

Voters chose 5 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. West Virginia was won by Republican nominee John McCain by a 13.1% margin of victory.

Is Virginia a good state to live in?

(WWBT) – Virginia has been ranked in the top 10 best states in the United States by the U.S. News and & World Report. U.S. News and & World Report uses thousands of data points to measure how well states measure in certain areas, such as health care, education, economy and much more.

Is Virginia a swing state?

According to a pre-election 2016 analysis, the thirteen most competitive states were Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, and Maine.

Who won Virginia in 2008?

2008 United States presidential election in Virginia

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 13 0

Is Virginia a good place to live?

Who lost against Obama in 2008?

Obama won a decisive victory over McCain, winning the Electoral College and the popular vote by a sizable margin, including states that had not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 (North Carolina) and 1964 (Indiana, Virginia, and Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district).

Who controlled the House in 2008?

The Democratic Party won a majority in both chambers, giving them full control of Congress for the first time since the 103rd Congress in 1993, which was also the previous time they controlled the House.

Who ran against Obama 2004?

United States Senate election (2004)

Party Candidate Votes
Democratic Barack Obama 3,598,277
Republican Alan Keyes 1,391,030
Independent Albert J. Franzen 81,186
Libertarian Jerry Kohn 69,276

Is West Virginia a red state 2020?

Prior to the election, all 16 news organizations declared West Virginia a safe red state.

What is the safest town in Virginia?

Here Are The 15 Safest And Most Peaceful Places To Live In…

  • Dumfries (Prince William County)
  • Manassas Park (Prince William County)
  • Vienna (Fairfax County)
  • Fairfax (Fairfax County)
  • Poquoson (York County)
  • Warrenton (Fauquier County)
  • Falls Church (Fairfax County)
  • Abingdon (Washington County) Abingdon, VA, USA.

What is a good salary in VA?

As of Sep 12, 2022, the average annual pay for the Above Average jobs category in Virginia is $55,419 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $26.64 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,065/week or $4,618/month.

What is a safe state in politics?

Meanwhile, the states that regularly lean to a single party are known as safe states, as it is generally assumed that one candidate has a base of support from which they can draw a sufficient share of the electorate without significant investment or effort by their campaign.

What is the 12th Amendment in the Constitution?

Passed by Congress December 9, 1803, and ratified June 15, 1804, the 12th Amendment provided for separate Electoral College votes for President and Vice President, correcting weaknesses in the earlier electoral system which were responsible for the controversial Presidential Election of 1800.

Who won Virginia in 2016?

The Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton of New York, carried Virginia with a 49.73% plurality in the popular vote against businessman Donald Trump of New York, who carried 44.41%, a victory margin of 5.32%.

Where is the nicest place to live in Virginia?

Here are the best places to live in Virginia

  • #8. Franklin Farm.
  • #7. South Riding. – Population: 31,515.
  • #6. Broadlands. – Population: 13,576.
  • #5. Short Pump. – Population: 28,328.
  • #4. Arlington. – Population: 233,464.
  • #3. Innsbrook. – Population: 8,888.
  • #2. Cascades. – Population: 11,389.
  • #1. Stone Ridge. – Population: 14,220.

Who controlled the House in 2013?

113th United States Congress
Senate Majority Democratic
Senate President Joe Biden (D)
House Majority Republican
House Speaker John Boehner (R)

Has there ever been a supermajority in Congress?

February 4, 2010: Republican Scott Brown’s election to the Senate ended the Democratic super-majority. November 2, 2010: 2010 general elections, in which Republicans regained control of the House while the Democrats remained in control of the Senate.

Is West Virginia racially diverse?

West Virginia Demographics
White: 92.52% Black or African American: 3.56% Two or more races: 2.42% Asian: 0.79%

Who voted in 2012?

2012 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama Mitt Romney
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Massachusetts
Running mate Joe Biden Paul Ryan
Electoral vote 332 206

Is West Virginia Democrat or Republican state?

West Virginia is now a heavily Republican state, with John McCain winning the state in 2008, Mitt Romney in 2012 and Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

What Republican ran for president in 2012?

Romney was officially announced as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee on August 28, 2012. He was defeated by incumbent President Barack Obama in the general election on November 6, 2012.

What was the voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election?

Later analysis by the University of California, Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project found that there were 235,248,000 people of voting age in the United States in the 2012 election, resulting in 2012 voting age population (VAP) turnout of 54.9%.

Is Virginia a red or blue state?

The state is widely considered blue-leaning, a trend which moves parallel with the growth of the Washington D.C. and Richmond suburbs.

What political party is Virginia?

Virginia recognizes only two political parties: Democrats and Republicans.

Is South Carolina red or blue?

Since the election of 1964, South Carolina has voted for the Republican party in every presidential election, with the exception of 1976 when Jimmy Carter, a southern Democrat, was elected president.

Who went against Obama in 2012?

Obama sought re-election for a second term in 2012, running virtually unopposed in the Democratic primaries. His opponent in the general election was former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Obama won 332 electoral votes, defeating Romney who gained 206.

Which of the following groups had the highest voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election?

In 2012, voting rates for non-Hispanic blacks (66.6 percent) were higher than non-Hispanic whites (64.1 percent) for the first time in this series. In 2016, turnout increased to 65.3 percent for non-Hispanic whites, but decreased to 59.6 percent for non-Hispanic blacks.

What percentage of US citizens actually vote?

According to the Current Population Survey, 2020 voter turnout was 68.4% for women and 65.0% for men. About 9.7 million more women than men voted. The 2019 American Community Survey estimated there were 54,074,028 people aged 65 and over in the U.S. out of a total population of 328,239,523, or 16.5%.

How long has Virginia been Democrat?

At the federal level, Virginia has voted for every Democratic presidential candidate since 2008 and every Democratic statewide candidate since 2012. Democrats hold seven of the state’s 11 U.S. House seats and both of the state’s U.S. Senate seats.

Is NC A Republican state?

North Carolina has voted for the Republican candidate in nine of the last 10 presidential elections; the one exception was in 2008, when a plurality of North Carolinians voted for Barack Obama.

Who was the Republican candidate for president in 2012?

Who ran against Obama in 12?

In February 2012, Obama held a sizable lead over both Mitt Romney (53–43) and Rick Santorum (53–42) nationally. By the end of March 2012, Obama’s lead over Romney had narrowed to approximately 2.4% (46.6–44.2) nationally.

What percentage of eligible voters voted in 2012?

Note: The Bipartisan Policy Center has stated that turnout for 2012 was 57.5 percent of the voting-age population (VAP), which they claim was a decline from 2008. They estimate that as a percent of eligible voters, turnout was: 2000, 54.2%; in 2004 60.4%; 2008 62.3%; and 2012 57.5%.

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