How do I put money on commissary in Maricopa County Jail?

How do I put money on commissary in Maricopa County Jail?

By Cash Kiosks, located at the jails

  1. Deposits to inmate accounts are made using TouchPay Systems.
  2. You can place money on an inmate’s account using the inmate’s.
  3. Cash Kiosks accept deposits by cash money, VISA, and MasterCard.
  4. Deposited funds are available for the inmate’s use after verification.

How do I put money on someone’s books in Arizona?

You can make a deposit to an inmate’s account by Internet or telephone, or from a special kiosk located in the jail(s) or at certain retail locations throughout Maricopa county. Telephone deposits may be made by calling the following toll-free number: 1-866-355-9593.

How do I put money on an inmate’s tablet in Arizona?

For inmates to use tablets, they must have funds in their Inmate Account. Go to GettingOut and click “Log In” then “Create a New Account.” Once you are verified you can make a deposit. Deposit funds into your Inmate’s Tablet account.

How do I send money to an inmate in Maricopa County?

In addition to the payment kiosks, deposits can be made via telephone, the Internet, or at select retail locations. To make a deposit via telephone, please call toll free 1-866-355-9593. To make an online deposit, visit TouchPay’s website at

What does TouchPay cost?

*A 2.95% fee is applied to all credit/debit card payments (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® accepted). For all cash transactions $100 or less, a $3 fee is applied. For cash payments greater than $100, a $2 additional fee is applied per every $100 in payment.

What is Securus inmate debit?

A Securus Debit account is owned by the incarcerated individual and used to pay for Securus services offered at their facility. This is NOT a commissary account. This may include services such as phone calls, eMessaging stamps, tablet media (games, music, and movies) as well as Video Connect sessions.

Can you send books to inmates in Arizona?

A. Books (religious or otherwise) must be sent in accordance with Inmate Mail, Department Order 914 , which includes receipt directly from the publisher or an authorized distributor. Individuals and organizations that are not publishers or authorized distributors may not send books to inmates.

Why do we have commissaries in Maricopa County?

Each commissary is required to be constructed and operated in compliance with the requirements of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code. Depending on the needs of the vehicle, commissaries may have different services available. In general, commissaries are used to carry out the following services:

How much is the prison commissary in South Carolina?

Fla prison commissary is $80 a week maximum In South Carolina its $150 max per week depending on your custody level, for instance if you are level 1 – $150 per week , level 2 -$100 per week , level 3 -$50 per week and the inmate can get 4 quarterly packages from the package program for $200 each

How do I order inmate commissary?

Inmates are allowed to purchase up to $100.00 of commissary each week. Lewis County Jail Inmate Commissary (sorry, no online order form) In some states you can order online to have inmate commissary delivered through: Tiger Commissary – Online Services I played around with it.

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